Optical fiber transmission solution

by:FOT     2020-07-03
transmission solution

Ethernet/IP compatible bayonet connector and HTX one-piece ( Cutting, stripping, crimping) POF fiber optic tools.

automation requires higher data volume and lower transmission loss, so the use of plastic is also growing. Overloading of plastic is simple and easy, join and conform to the standard transport protocol, etc. Industrial Ethernet connector, type 1

with the development of new industrial Ethernet V1 flange, weidmuller is * providing cable connector. These connectors for use in accordance with the new Ethernet/IP specifications of cable. Weidmuller industrial Ethernet connector is based on SC RJ connector. Can be used for plastic and glass fiber. Because of the compact design, the connector is very applicable to device interface in the wall. The special design of weidmuller industrial Ethernet connector can make IP20 connector into the IP67 flange devices. The series connectors in zui use the advantages of the debugging of the early stage. Backward compatibility

in the debugging stage, at the beginning of the zui IP20 connectors can be safely into the IP67 flange in general

support all types of fiber optic cable, such as single mode and multimode and plastic optical fibers in accordance with standard

standardized interface, and the joint shell conforms to the Ethernet/IP specifications, this makes the connector can be fully compatible with durable

the connector used zinc casting metal shell, very solid, reliable and durable is suitable for the industrial environment

in harsh industrial environments, Ethernet data protection grade when reach IP67 multi-function

weidmuller provide abundant connector products, used to transmit data and signals, and these connectors are adopted STEADYTEC® has many advantages; Technology. Therefore, whether the office users or industrial environment, can trust weidmuller industrial Ethernet connector, the connector is reliable, practical, performance, flexible use, etc. HTX - IE - POF tool

weidmuller for complex POF fiber connection assembly provides zui better solutions. Only need to weidmuller HTX - IE POF a tool can complete to 1 mm diameter of plastic wire stripping and crimping, particularly applicable to PROFINET and Ethernet/IP - SC- RJ connector. The cut surface without fine polishing again. Effect of superior

weidmuller HTX - IE - POF multi-functional tools, effectively accelerate the SC - RJ connector complex assembly work efficiency. Even if different operating workers, can also be used to ensure consistent high quality easy

cut surface level off, without subsequent grinding polishing durable

zui better workmanship and high quality components and: strict quality control, production process to ensure that the tool in frequent use, always keep zui effective comfortable operation

at the scene of the work, tool handle shape accord with human body engineering design, material surface texture are easy to meet the needs of customers unique assembly

weidmuller Multi - Stripax® IE - POF unique mechanical structure, to ensure that the cooperation of the high stability of stripping results

weidmuller provides a full set of tools and the processing of POF durable plastic . Use weidmuller multifunctional tool kit multi - stripax® IE - POF, HTX - IE - POF tools and Kevlar fiber scissors, easy processing and connectors and connecting joints become.

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