Optical fiber SF810 high temperature of the flame detector end why coking?

by:FOT     2020-06-23

a work today, the instrument measurement, senior technical Dong Gong received the heilongjiang of a certain power plant boiler designed work job for help: & other; With a purchase of ABB fiber SF810 flame detector, installed on the boiler, why some fiber SF810 high temperature side of the flame detector appear coking, while others are ok, is this why? ” 。

in view of the phenomenon, Dong Gong with job details about the fire inspection after the installation of fiber optic SF810, immediately come to the conclusion that part of the optical fiber SF810 high temperature side of the flame detector appear coking, first rule out the problem of coal; The rest that is the installation Angle and the fiber SF810 flame detector position has a problem, only need to adjust the Angle of the fiber optic equipment SF810 flame detector and location, can solve the fiber SF810 high temperature of the flame detector, the phenomenon of the coking.

Dong Gong analysis proved that's true, job after commissioning, to solve the problem right away! If you have questions about fire prosecutors the ABB, can also be Dong Gong oh!

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