Optical fiber sensor product classification and application is introduced

by:FOT     2020-07-06

fiber in the field of sensor get rapid development and wide application. The working principle of sensor is to light through the from the light source to the modulator, the parameters under test and after entering modulation OuDeGuang interaction, leads to the optical properties of the light ( As the light intensity, wavelength, frequency, phase and skewed normal, etc. ) Change, is called a modulated signal light, after fiber into light detector, after demodulation, obtain the parameter being measured. On the Chinese market at present, fiber Bragg grating and distributed sensor based on optical time domain reflection is used zui to a wide range of sensing technology.

on the market at present main products are gyroscope sensor, hydrophone, fiber Bragg grating sensor and current sensor. Here introduce the general situation of the principle and the development of their own:

1, gyroscope

according to the measuring principle, the fiber optic gyroscope is dragged interferometric, resonance and the brillouin, interferometric belongs to * generation of fiber optic gyroscope, at present the product is comparatively mature in technology, is in the mass production and commercialization stage; The second generation product is resonant type fiber optic gyroscope, laboratory research to practical application to promote the development of the stage; Brillouin type is the third generation, was still in the stage of theoretical research. Fiber optic gyroscope structure based on the optical element has three implementation methods: small discrete component system, system and integrated optical components. The separation of optical element scheme had largely disappeared, the entire optical system used in open loop low accuracy, low cost of fiber optic gyroscope, the integrated optics gyroscope to process simple, overall good repeatability and low cost become the main scheme of high precision fiber optic gyroscope in the international.

2, hydrophone

fiber optic hydrophone is a kind of based on , optoelectronic technology of underwater acoustic signal sensor, it through the high sensitivity of optical coherent detection, converts acoustic signal to light signal, and through the to the signal processing system is converted to the corresponding acoustic signal information. Compared with the traditional hydrophone, fiber optic hydrophone has high sensitivity, response, and is not subject to electromagnetic interference, with Eric is widely used in fields such as military and oil exploration, environment detection, has great market prospect.

fiber optic hydrophone according to the principle of interference can be divided into type, strength, grating type, etc. Interferometric fiber-optic hydrophone key techniques have been gradually mature; Fiber grating hydrophone is a focus of sensor research direction. Involved key technologies include light source, optical devices, sensor technology, the polarization resistance decline, decline phase, signal processing technology, multiplexing technology and engineering technology, etc.

3, fiber Bragg grating sensor

fiber Bragg grating sensor especially Bragg grating sensor is a hot research topic in the field of zui sensors at home and abroad in recent years. Most of the traditional sensors belong to light intensity and interference, light intensity type sensor is light source is not stable, fiber loss and aging detector, interferometric sensors due to the requirement of interference light intensity is equal to a fixed reference point application of inconvenience.

is given priority to with Bragg grating sensor signal of fiber Bragg grating sensor for the wavelength modulation and multiplexing capability is strong, to avoid the above problems existing in the traditional sensors. In building health test, impact test, shape control and application of vibration damping detection, grating sensor is the ideal of zui sensitive components. Fiber Bragg grating sensors in the earth dynamics, spacecraft, the structure of the ship navigation, civil engineering, electric power industry, medicine and chemical sensor has a wide range of applications.

4, current sensor

the rapid development of power industry drives the power transmission system capacity increased, operating voltage level is higher and higher, have to face a strong current measurement. In high voltage, large current and strong power in the power system, based on the electromagnetic induction of traditional current sensor ( CT for short) Exposed a series of serious shortcomings: the explosion cause catastrophic accidents; Large fault currents cause core magnetic saturation; Core resonance effect; Hysteresis effect; Accuracy is not high. Are susceptible to interference; Volume, weight big, expensive and so on, has been difficult to meet the development of a new generation of digital power grid. fiber optic equipment current sensor as a solution to the problem.

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