Optical fiber sensor measurement method is introduced

by:FOT     2020-06-22

the introduction of optical fiber sensor measurement way due to the motor run time of the stator iron core and coil temperature rise easily, usually work under the environment of high temperature and high pressure, high temperature will lead to the coil insulation aging and shorten the service life of the motor, and even burning motor accident can make insulation damage and, therefore, must be in real-time monitor the changes of temperature. The vibration of the motor is mainly composed of stator core, stator winding, the free vibration natural frequency for base-plate and rotor with its synthesis, rotor winding should be a lot of mechanical stress and stress. Therefore, rotor winding insulation damage probability is very big, often lead to one or two of the rotor winding earth fault, so the need of motor vibration condition monitoring, in order to ensure the normal operation of power system. Due to optical fiber sensor is commonly point measurement, motor need monitoring points is more, so need to fiber optic sensor through the coupler together, optical fiber sensing monitoring system, on-line, real time measurement. Based on semiconductor absorption optical fiber sensors and FBG vibration sensor generator monitoring system is mainly composed of semiconductor absorption fiber optic equipment temperature sensor, fiber grating vibration sensor, transmission cable, vibration, temperature, modem demodulator, coupler and display. Internal temperature sensor installed to the motor, external vibration sensors installed to the motor, through the coupler, sensing optical fiber into the demodulation system. Due to the change of temperature, vibration can result in the semiconductor absorption intensity, reflection wavelength change of fiber grating, by measuring the variation can be judged whether the motor there are health concerns, and the health risks are warning or alarm, in order to evolve into accident before take measures to deal with it as soon as possible. The introduction of optical fiber sensor measurement way

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