Optical fiber sensing technology in the application of the Internet of things

by:FOT     2020-07-05

sensing technology in the application of Internet of sensor is made up of several parts, include light source, transmission fiber, detector, signal processing equipment, etc. Its working principle is to put the light through the to the modulator, so the measurement parameters and the modulation of light, which makes a huge change in the nature of light, the light from the light into a modulated signal of the light, and then, again with the aid of fiber optical transmission to the photoelectric detector, and then convert optical signals into electrical signals, zui by signal processing equipment will be north of physical quantity reduction. In real life, is very much the type sensor, however, we will boil down to two types of these types of sensors, and sensor type. And comparing the traditional electricity sensor, sensor has many advantages, such as strong anti-jamming capability, good insulation and high sensitivity, so, the current has the figure of sensor in all fields. Optical fiber sensor support iot development market capacity nearly $since appear sensor, its advantages and application has caused various countries people's high attention. And the sensing technology has carried on the thorough research. Today, through the sensor to displacement and physical quantity, such as temperature, velocity and Angle measurement. Nowadays, many western developed countries will focus on fiber control system for sensor research from multiple aspects, such as, radiation monitoring, civil programme at the same time has made gratifying achievements. The study of sensor in China started late, there are a lot of research institute and enterprises on the further research of fiber optic sensor will promote the development of sensing technology. In 2010, Zhang Xuping about & other; Brillouin effect continuous distributed sensing technology & throughout; Passed the expert appraisal. Experts agree that this technology has a strong innovative, technology has reached the advanced world level, therefore, has wide development prospects. The development of this technology is mainly applied the technology of Internet of things, so as to accelerate the development of the Internet of things in our country. A part of sensor has become a very important in the Internet of things. Therefore, the sensor performance is good or bad determines the performance of the Internet of things. Internet of things, so to speak, a major means of access to information for the sensor. As a result, the reliability and accuracy of sensor information collected will be to impact the control node processing and transmitting information. It seems that the reliability of the sensor, anti-interference, etc will be on the Internet of things application performance play a decisive role. Optical fiber sensing technology in the application of Internet of things through the above analysis, the development of the Internet of things have to use a large number of sensors to obtain various environmental parameters, and thus for the Internet of things more reliable data and information, and then after processing system, get the results they need. The following is the application of sensing technology in the Internet of things in detail discussed in this paper. Zui widely used at present there are four kinds of sensor, gyro and hydrophone, fiber Bragg grating sensor and current sensor. Among them, have interferometric fiber optic gyroscope, resonance and brillouin three types of interferometric fiber optic gyro is the very mature * generation technology commercialization stage, resonance fiber optic gyro is at the laboratory research stage of the second generation, brillouin fiber optic gyro is in theory research stage of the third generation of gyro sensor; Optical fiber hydrophone is in , optoelectronic technology on the basis of an underwater sound signal sensor, the sensor through a highly sensitive optical coherent detection, the water of the sound signal is converted into light signals, and then converted to a voice signal through the to the signal processing system, according to the principle of the sensor can be divided into interference model, strength model and grating type and other types; In fiber grating sensor products including strain sensor, the temperature sensor and pressure sensor, the Bragg grating sensor is a hot research topic in recent years, most of them belong to light intensity and interference, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Since this year the development of electric power is growing by leaps and bounds, in this case, in the face of strong current measurement, current sensor can be very good avoid some due to power is too strong and cause of the accident.

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