Optical fiber ring around the ring ink adhesive uv curing technology

by:FOT     2020-06-30

in recent years, with the outbreak of the communications industry, the demand of the communication continued rapid growth, large and small fiber factory emerge in endlessly, products in short supply, huge production and promote the development of technology of the light, which fiber production line fiber ring around the ring ink gel uv curing technology as a zui as the basic and essential process, directly affects the production efficiency of the fiber. Today, here is the details we talk about ring of uv curing technology.

in the cable industry, each kind of raw material price is falling, it is not only the needs of the market, is also the result of the market competition. There is a kind of raw material, however, is a lot of procurement staff's nightmare, because for the pursuit of raw materials are continuing to objective has them, the series of material price has no big fluctuations for many years, this is the light curing materials & ndash; Optical fiber staining ink and resin.

fiber ring around the ring glue technology - light curing materials Ink and with resin, it is by uv radiation curing glue surface to make it short coagulation time, its advantage is fast solidification, surface gloss, compared with traditional way, the efficiency is very high! And in order to achieve more efficient technological requirements, ring of uv curing technology has been updated.

wuhan is measuring test equipment co. , LTD as beacon light test equipment field in enterprise, in this respect is doing, successively with yofc, hot, long gso and other large cable companies and technical cooperation, study out the vacuum ultraviolet curing, uv curing, high temperature dynamic uv curing, uv curing at low temperature, the static method of uv curing technology, and made into various types of curing equipment, has a large number of market, dealing with all kinds of lighting production line technology needs, and above all is the solidification mode for high pressure mercury lamp light source, equipped with adjustable power technology, real-time change of light intensity, for research and development and test data tracking has a significant effect.

however, high pressure mercury lamp thermal light way of curing is not persistent, because the technology is relatively high energy consumption, short life and light source, the late change frequently, for ring long-term test, is not very ideal.

in the pursuit of more ideal reasonable uv curing method, based on the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, later, we will widely fiber production line around the ring rubber ink uv curing technology, cold light source is LED curing technology, because of this technology at home is not yet mature, import cost is higher, the market popularity is lower. But as, rising prosperity in our country is strong, wuhan is constantly blaze new trails, to believe that in the near future, ring LED cold light curing technology are bound to replace the UV high pressure mercury lamp heat curing methods.

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