Optical fiber multi-purpose table HDA AV6372

by:FOT     2020-07-04

fiber multimeter model; ——注重科技进步 AV6372

 HDA- AV6372 fiber multi-purpose table light source, optical power meter, optical and optical fiber recognition, and other functions in one body. It is specialized in fiber optic cable construction and maintenance of measuring, multi-functional portable test instrument, used for optical fiber cable line fast, and mutual coordination with the light test, complete basic judgment on the status of the optical fiber links. Allow voice communication and test execution at the same time, provides a measure of the precision optical power and loss of function. Was built in optical fiber recognition, to make test more convenient operation. Internal can store up to 500 instrument measurement data, the data stored as well as by the native display view, also can be analyzed through the RS232 serial port output to computer processing. Main features: low light loss measuring low double wavelength light source, low power and single core communication low low fiber identification test data store and output optical power loss measuring HDA - AV6372 fiber multi-purpose table provides a + 3 ~ - 50 DBM range of optical power and loss measurement. Double wavelength light source HDA - AV6372 optical multimeter with 1310 nm and 1550 nm of continuous light and 270 hz, 1 KHZ and 2 KHZ modulation light output. Single core bidirectional call HDA - AV6372 optical multimeter to provide dynamic range of more than 35 db digital full-duplex voice function, can make the fiber optic cable construction personnel long-distance real-time maintenance, facilitate collaboration. Multimeter and the fiber optic equipment in the process of call does not affect other tests. Fiber identification HDA - AV6372 fiber multi-purpose table provides 2 KHZ modulation recognition of light. When the optical multimeter to receive any wavelength of light power metering ports 2 KHZ modulation light, can be in the top left corner of the display for 2 k, built-in buzzer of discontinuous cry at the same time. Note: as long as the built-in light source, fiber optic equipment multi-purpose table 2 KHZ signal recognition function doesn't work. Test data is stored and output HDA - AV6372 fiber multi-purpose table provides 500 measurement data is stored and RS232 serial communication interface. Users in the use of the optical fiber is multi-purpose table, the test data can be Numbers stored, by using the attached with the transmission of software and the serial communication cable can be easily and computer communication and data transmission. Typical application: the following simple introduction using fiber AV6372 multimeter to: (A and B both cable test method 1) Method according to the pre-determined by A construction personnel through optical multimeter bring light to A root send 2 KHZ modulation optical fiber, B as construction personnel using fiber optical multimeter recognition to detect the optical fibers. ( 2) After detection of the optical fibers, B to construction personnel and the optical fibers included microphone port to connect to the light and the headset microphone ports, and search for each other. ( 3) A construction personnel to estimate B as construction personnel to detect the optical fiber, the optical fibers and accompanied with the microphone port to connect to the light and the microphone port, at this point, construction personnel can achieve both A and B on the phone. ( 4) After the call flow, A, B two construction personnel at this time to test the other fiber optic cable, and the test data are Numbers and data save, in order to analyze the test data after construction. Specification:

optical power meter module calibration wavelength of 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm range - power 50 ~ + 3 DBM measurement accuracy & plusmn; 0. 20 db display resolution logarithmic 0. 01数据库; Linear display ( 0. 1 to 1) % FC/PC light source module interface form working wavelength of 1310 nm, 1550 nm modulation frequency of the CW, 270 hz, 1 KHZ, 2 KHZ output power & ge; - - - - - - 10 DBM stability & plusmn; 0. 1 h db/FC/PC interface form light module calls digital full-duplex dynamic range & ge; 35 db FC/PC machine features external power input interface form internal nimh battery pack 6 v, 9 v 2 ah RS232C working temperature - data output interface - 25 ~ 55 ℃ storage temperature The size and weight of 50 ~ 70 ℃, 226 & times; 100× 57. 5mm,≤ 1. 3公斤

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