Optical fiber, like wild west - — What can happen

by:FOT     2020-07-13
Optical fiber, like wild west - — Content before anything is possible, we know more than 40 Gig duplex mode of application, the application is only today's data centers to cost-effective to enhance one of the many ways of double switches, fiber optic link bandwidth. What we mean by many ways, in fact, there are a lot of meaning. If you understand a little bit about the balanced twisted-pair cable standard of network applications, will find that in fact do not have so much need to pay attention to problems. Of course, from 10 base - T to base - 100 T to the base - 1000 T to gbase - 10 T, we achieve the change of order; And then return to 2. 5GBASE- T and 5 gbase - T, in support of new technology on installed baseband, and then develop to the upcoming gbase - 25 T and gbase - 40 T standard. But compared with the , all this was nothing. With is different, there are very few, If there is one) Non-standard copper deployment. But in terms of , are more like the wild west. Despite the lack of an era in which the rough, unrestrained and disorderly behavior, but in the deployment of is undoubtedly a land of barbarians - — Lawlessness, or at least not the compliance. The desert pastures for Ethernet applications, like a piece of wilderness pastures, you can turn a piece of land, through a variety of multimode or single mode options from 1 to 100 Gig. Although the 100 Mb/s are implemented by has only one standard - — 100BASE- FX, is now considered to be obsolete, 62. 5 (including m multimode fiber. But 1 Gb/s application suddenly in 62. 5 microns or multimode of 50 microns or single-mode fiber with different wavelength and gave us the choice of 6 different distance. 。 When we go for 10 Gb/s, we suddenly have a selection of 10 different standards. From 40 to 100 Gb/s and the application of infancy, IEEE 802. 3 working group is seeking a multimode Ethernet solution. But that is a transient process. If we now look at the IEEE 802. 3 standard list of 40 Gb/s will find four different options and six different 100 Gb/s option, USES a multimode or single-mode fiber. According to the upcoming gbase - 50 The SR standard ( Is expected in 2018) issued by And then gbase - 100 SR2, and are working on short distance single-mode fiber application ( For example, 200 and 400 gbase - 100 DR4) , it seems that many choices this trend to continue. If using WDM technology OM5 WBMMF application, so there are six ways to realize 100 Gb/s day is not too long. Pioneers of us in the past decade, large scale and super computing data center required bandwidth speed has exceeded the IEEE standards can be reached. This leads to various options based on non-standard, among them many of the techniques are in addition to the 'IEEE 802. 3 Ethernet workgroup 'for the next generation of speed research outside of the industry association and league. We have been introduced in the previous post, we already have a variety of non-standard two-way or one-way 40 Gb/s duplex multimode applications, the application USES a WDM technology. The current implementation, 100 Gb/s dozens of kinds of non-standard way. In fact, according to the data LightCounting market research company, more than 60% of 40 Gb/s shipments and more than 35% of the 100 Gb/s shipments USES is based on the standard of technology. Application of high-speed technology, including all sorts of WDM variants and new interface and specifications, such as developing the QSFP double density ( QSFP - DD) Is used to support through eight parallel channels support 200 Gb/s and the 400 Gb/s. In development as well as interchangeable and interoperability of light module, the template can be installed on the printed circuit board. 科博( 联盟, 委员会光学) Being developed by the on-board optical module will be pluggable module of optical components from now move directly to the line card, greatly improving the density of the system. Due to the large scale and super computing data center in order to meet the next generation speed requirements for their own are deploying technology, so it's easy to understand why the field of looks like a wilderness. Although some people think they are lawless desperado, but the blazers can certainly help to promote technological progress, will one day will bring benefits to the rest of us. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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