Optical fiber laser marking machine technical parameter data

by:FOT     2020-07-03

YD - fiber optic equipment laser marking machine BZ10 / BZ20 / BZ30 / BZ50

a, equipment principles

the core component of laser marking machine is the main vibration power amplifier ( MOPA) , Q and high repetition frequency modulation pulse ytterbium doped fiber laser, the high reliability of dc power under the control of the special control card drive multimode semiconductor lasers, multimode semiconductor lasers emit 970 & plusmn; 10 nm laser was coupled to the metallic sheath of 5 mm in the transmission fiber make ytterbium doped double clad fiber produced in 1. 6 micron wavelength of laser, laser during transmission has been enlarged expanded beam output. Laser beam after the beam expander projection onto the galvanometer scanner, vibrating mirror spun through computer control and the switch of the laser, the laser beam scanning in the X, Y direction, through the F - θ Lens together on the spot on the machining of several microns in diameter, surface ablation moment, vaporization, zui needs in the workpiece surface after all kinds of graphic symbol.

product description

fiber laser marking machine is currently zui advanced laser marking equipment in the world. Can be widely used in a variety of assembly line marking and high-speed static marking flight industry, can meet a variety of high precision and rate of laser marking needs, using the world fiber laser and the level of imported parts, marking of high precision, fast speed, stable performance and life of 100000 hours.


1. Laser in the optical wave oscillation, low dissipation, good stability and is not affected by external dust gas and mechanical looseness, the output of a laser beam is stable.

2。 Maintenance free operation, 100000 hours of free maintenance.

3。 Processing speed, processing speed is 2 - traditional laser marking machine Three times.

4。 Wind cooling fiber laser, no supplies, low maintenance, high photoelectric conversion rate, low consumption, ≤ 800 w) , use cost.

5。 Integrated design, small size, Have a whole cabinet and portable optional) 。

6。 Environmental adaptation ability strong, can be in vibration, shock, dust, humidity environment continuous work, easy to implement with fiber optic equipment coupling, which can realize remote work.

7。 Bar code, qr code, graphics, text rules and irregular marking serial number, etc.

8。 Software running on WINDOWS platform, Chinese/English interface, can be compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP software, such as file formats, such as PLT, PCW, DXF, BMP, etc, but also can be used directly SHX, the vera. ttf font. Application field

is suitable for electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, auto parts, hardware tools products, precision instruments, gift accessories, medical equipment products such as precision, fine logo printing. Typical applications such as, plastic ( PA66) Article insulation flying laser marking, metal sign automatic up-down material laser marking, packing box body online laser marking machine, etc. Technical parameters of

laser output power: 10 w / 20 w / 30 w / 50 w

M2: beam quality & lt; 2

: laser wavelength of 1064 nm

cooling: air cooling

pulse frequency: 20 KHZ 100 KHZ

marking range: 110 mm & times; 110毫米( Can be customized)

engraving line speed: & le; 7000 mm/s

engraving depth: & le; 0. 3 mm

zui string cable wide: 0. 015 mm

zui small character: 0. 15 mm

: repeat precision & plusmn; 0. 003 mm

power supply: AC 220 v / 50 hz

the machine power: & le; 800 w

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