Optical fiber laser marking machine spare parts warranty period is introduced

by:FOT     2020-07-01

abstract: everyone should pay attention to when buying laser marking machines, laser marking machine the parts warranty period is different, generally manufacturers and you said is refers to the machine's warranty, the warranty period of the machine warranty service refers to the manufacturer's warranty, and many parts of warranty period is more than a year.

the following for details.

the galvanometer. Import is 1 year commonly, but the maintenance is in the domestic maintenance, price is very low and the domestic galvanometer warranty is 2 years or 3 years, maintenance costs and import.

laser module. For a year and are generally use homebred, its life is about 3 years or so, the second owed to replace, can use the old one to replace, can be part of the cheaper.

CO2 glass tubes. The pipe to distinguish between manufacturers, general warranty for normal use is 3 months, zui length less than 6 months. The service life of the real zui is about 1 year. But its price is very cheap.

rf CO2 laser tube. Warranty period is 1 year, now import the inflatable tube, radio frequency (rf) power supply board maintenance can be carried out in domestic, the price is relatively affordable. Generally speaking its service life can reach more than 5 years, domestic is generally not more than five years.

field lens, beam expander, generally there is no warranty, such as optical lenses can be illustrated and factory if you don't use can I return or change, if you don't have the flowers look especially the lens. Life is a long time, the main you want to protect good, also some lenses of CO2 note, laser energy or light path changes will also guide the damage to the lens.

laser marking card and its software. Said this product warranty usually say a year, but you can let the other side and your warranty for 3 years, why, because of its maintenance costs almost to zero. Normal life is more than 5 years.

industrial computer or computer, that a general for 3 years, the computer industry, believe you more than I understand.

control system, its warranty period is manufacturers warranty for your service, but these are very simple thing, let the electrician look at will know that, of course, some of them are single-chip microcomputer control, is a little complicated. You can talk with factory, this part is provided, the warranty period can be extended to indefinitely.

Q switch, its warranty period is one year, the normal use, its life usually used in more than five years, the domestic that is not defined yet. It is and laser lens, pay attention to protect.

marking machine chassis cabinets. This part no warranty, rubbish heap, you protect and improve health. Machines used for a long time, you see a lot more, you can change the color, can also change all have no problem.

this is everybody in the purchase of fiber optic equipment laser marking machine to note, hope to be of help!

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