Optical fiber laser marking machine in many industries demand

by:FOT     2020-07-03

in the 21st century today, we can see in the supermarket, almost all products with some form of identification, identification of content including bar code, product serial number, company logo and the production date, etc. , zui generally barcode, the application of qr code, because the qr code can store large amounts of information, so that more businesses are using barcode, qr code identification on display in the commodity packaging. Product identification in addition to help consumers understand the product information, for the manufacturer to prevent counterfeit and create brand effect also has a very important role, so now the manufacturer on the product label is more and more attention, and even don't need to have traditionally identified in nude products, such as eggs, apple has products with the logo. Optical fiber laser marking machine in many industries demand since its launch, laser marking machine is sought after by many industries, enterprises rapidly obsessed with laser marking has unique charm & ndash; — Rate, low energy consumption, simple operation, fine processing, clothing, packaging, advertising, construction, electronics, hardware, food, medicine & hellip; … Various industries rising demand for laser marking equipment. fiber optic equipment laser marking machine to realize the leap type development of laser marking machine industry development up to now, from the start, the public is not familiar with, do not know, now gradually replace the traditional process, add a new aircraft, has realized the leap type development. At the same time, enterprises have sprung up in laser equipment on the market, the market the brand and model of laser marking machine is also becoming diversified. Although the market demand for laser marking machine gets bigger, but at the same time supply also increased, laser marking machine competition is more and more big. Customers choose diversification is a good thing, but also give a lot of enterprises out of the problem. If you want to stand out in the fierce competition, you must want to have their own advantages. When customers choose and buy machinery and equipment are often shop around, compare when buy a variety of factors such as quality of price, so we only by constantly upgrading technology, research and development of new machines and improve the cost performance, to attract customers, improved competitiveness. In addition, because many people always think foreign equipment is better, so imported equipments caused a larger impact on our country market. In fact, now the core of the domestic equipment technology introduction of foreign technology, and timely after-sales service. So customers in the choice of laser marking machine, need not confined to a certain factors, and to be understood, and then select zui suits own laser equipment. Food and beverage industry: the era of laser marking machine is coming with the continuous improvement of living standards, the consumption growing at the same time, people also in unceasingly strengthens to the requirement of the packaging. In the field of consumer goods industry, packaging used to be an important aspect of particular concern, laser marking machine to witness the food packaging industry's development. Laser marking used in food and beverage industry is a new trend, not only can be in the food surface or on the packing surface code, logo, or producing area such as all kinds of information, also can be in canned products through a laser mark on the outer packing way of label, bar code information. Laser marking used in food and beverage industry has the following advantages, first is nontoxic and pollution-free, pollution-free, low processing cost, without printing consumables such as ink, no peculiar smell; Followed by fast speed, high precision, stable performance and fine lines; After zui is laser marking machine has the capability of continuous work.

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