Optical fiber infrared thermometer relative to the benefits of one-piece infrared thermometer

by:FOT     2020-06-21

fiber infrared thermometer relative one-piece infrared thermometer and share the benefits of an optical fiber infrared thermometer relative to the benefits of a one-piece infrared thermometer, hope that after reading the article will be helpful to you. There are two major advantage compared with zui: 1. Due to separate light path system and circuit system, so in the industrial field application, the thermometer optical path system can be installed to the environment of high temperature ( Resistant to the scene environment 200 degrees) And can be long-term stable work online. By Yu Guanglu system entirely without electricity, so the installation of full explosion-proof industrial scene. While the circuit part of the thermometer can be installed indoors or away from the high temperature field, through the optical fiber and optical path section connection, thus completely avoid the temperature field of high temperature on the temperature measurement of interference. 2. Due to optical fiber infrared thermometer infrared signal is transmitted through the special material of infrared fiber optic equipment on the sensor, so that when focused to fiber optical path, only the fiber cross section size of light spot can transmit to the sensor through the optical fiber, thus avoiding the large areas of light focusing directly on the sensor to the baking of sensor of the sensor working stability and the influence of life. And infrared optical fiber made of special material can only choose need infrared wavelengths through the optical fiber, thus further weakening the light of sensor baking. Therefore, the light relative to the one-piece infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer has better stability and longer service life.

hope the above information for your help, the information released by nanjing fourth analysis instrument company, http://www. nsfcn。 com/

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