Optical fiber FT - panasonic SUNX area AL05 type technical specifications

by:FOT     2020-06-18

fiber FT - panasonic SUNX area Type AL05 features: use light to test the shape and position of the workpiece, without artifacts omission. Can also be used to identify shapes. Beyond imagination strong fiber ultra strong degree, small bending. General motors, and high quality. Completely change fiber optic equipment sense. Technical specifications:

content of the project - FT, ordering products AL05 model FT - AL05 testing form through type fiber optic equipment type array type front diameter detection level 5. 5 mm length of front-end W5mm H15mm x x D15mm presence of wide area optical axis diameter/sleeve without optical axis light spot diameter 0. 25毫米x 5。 5 mm fiber length 2 m permissible bending radius R2mm free cutting can half a custom fiber optic equipment installed changes the length of the lens can not protect the tube can use general environmental performance: the protection structure IP40 environmental performance: using the environment temperature MAX80 ℃ environment performance: MIN - using the environment temperature 55 ℃ detection distance ( STD) 860毫米( FX - The 500 series) The detection distance ( HYPR) 2,300mm ( FX - The 500 series) The detection distance ( U - LG) 1,550mm ( FX - The 500 series) The detection distance ( 长) 1500毫米( FX - The 500 series) The detection distance ( 快) 500mm ( FX - The 500 series) The detection distance ( H - SP) 170毫米( FX - The 500 series)
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