Optical fiber displacement sensors balluff giant magnetic materials development

by:FOT     2020-06-28

of optical fiber displacement sensors balluff giant magnetic materials development of giant magnetostrictive materials ( 捷安特磁致伸缩材料) Has been developed rapidly since the 1970 s a new type of functional material, has been regarded as the 21st century to improve the competitiveness of national high-tech strategic function material, because it has mechanical energy at room temperature & ndash; Electrical energy conversion rate is high, the high energy density, quick response speed, and the advantages of good reliability, simple drive way, caused the traditional electronic information system, sensor system and vibration system of revolutionary change.

of optical fiber displacement sensors balluff giant magnetic materials development, therefore, to obtain the performance parameters of GMM, especially magnetic parameters, is of great significance for the development and application of materials. The main research of the GMM magnetostrictive coefficient of the performance parameters of the measurement. Typical of the GMM Terfenol - at present D, the magnetostrictive coefficient of it generally micron grade, so it belongs to the micro displacement measurement range. The development of modern industrial technology, the micro displacement measurement accuracy and the way is put forward, higher demands, at the same time with the development of the fiber optic equipment sensing technology, the advantages of optical fiber sensor with its beyond than applied to various fields. Is in fiber optic equipment barye roof displacement sensor based on the development of design system of a light emphasis on fiber barye roof displacement sensor, overall design scheme of sensors are given, and the sensor probe, the modulation of light source and driver, photoelectric conversion and receiving, weak signal processing module are introduced respectively, after zui sensor's output characteristic curve are given, the experiment found that optical fiber probe and the measured surface distance 370 & mu; m - 470μ M linearity, and the region as the area of measuring magnetostrictive coefficient in this paper. Developed by using optical fiber barye roof displacement sensor combined with micro controller and the data processing module design a set of magnetostrictive coefficient measuring instrument. Instrument with AT89C52 as the core, USES the AD574 as data acquisition unit, the magnetostrictive coefficient of GMM with the variation of the magnetic field from the design of magnetostrictive coefficient measurement of mechanical mechanism, through barye roof displacement sensor for the magnetostrictive coefficient of samples to be tested, and the results will be displayed on the LCD. Host software system using C language to write, including data acquisition, data display, data processing and related subroutine. Tested samples are given as along with the change of the magnetic field of magnetostrictive coefficient curve, the experimental results show that the instrument in the magnetostriction parameter measurement has a good performance, has reached the expected goal.

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