Optical fiber construction quality detection method

by:FOT     2020-07-05
In the integrated wiring project construction, the construction quality of the fiber is very important, must therefore be necessary to detect the quality of the construction. Based on years of design and construction experience, the author summed up a set of practical detection methods, to share with their colleagues. Check and installed after the cable is connected and installed connectors, optical fiber must be conducted the continuity of the inspection, all the cable core must be tested. Therefore, taking test personnel shall be equipped with some test equipment can test the installation quality. There are two kinds of measurement must be carried out: optical fiber connectors and produce attenuation fully test; Can produce optical fiber connection loss curve diagram of reflection measurement. The measure also told people connect line, the length of the error. Attenuation attenuation measurement, also known as * level measurement, with a transmitting power calibration of the generator and a receiving optical fiber radiation measurement instrument. Can be measured on a line of attenuation and whether line or a line in the specified tolerance. This is * level measurement. Before each measurement, should be clean all connectors. To avoid measurement error, the two instruments ( Generator and receiver) Should use the same measurement cable ( Such as 3 m long) 。 The cable shall have the same characteristics and measured optical fiber core. Test the following two methods can be used: a tester to test, two instruments on the same place, but it can loop back with another; Two testers, two places each put a tester. All the test program from calibration receiver. Therefore, should be the generator and receive for a 3 m long cable directly connected together, and then to the receiver for high-power launch, calibration receiver to 0 db appear on the LCD display; With the wavelength of 850 nm test, the test of the attenuation of zui big value, equal to the fiber optic attenuation is the Duan Bo long 3. 5 db/Km, on top of this attenuation produced by adding various connection ( Connectors and connector) 。 We think that 90% of the connected devices decay to zero in less than 850 nm. 3 db。 This paper introduce the test method of a tester. A tester's test requirements after zui distribution frame of different fiber through some length is 10 meters of fiber optic jumper wire ring, and then one to one for each in the light of the fiber core. Transmitters and receivers in the same place; 3 meters long with a fiber optic cable connects the emitter to cable head or on the * root fiber optic fiber drawer; With the second 3 meters long optical fiber cable to connect the receiver to the second optical fibers. Measure the loopback situation first, and then the tester connect the receiver to the third also tests on optical fibers, with the same method to test the fourth, fifth, and the first six optical fiber. Test program is: calibration receiver, fitted with jumper cables, measuring circuit and the test results in the computer. Calibration with a 3 m long cable will pose a loopback transmitters and receivers. Shall be submitted to the receiver for the launch and calibration of high power receiver to liquid crystal display 0 db. If the test values than the zui big hope value, should be by means of optical fiber reflection instrument to determine the fault location. Measured with reflective meter measuring meter, also known as the second measurement, its purpose is to look at optical fiber core physical state. The distribution of loss can be displayed on the screen. Measuring principle is: the reflection measurement instrument calibration of a high-power beam, and then looked at whether there is a visual display can see the reflection of power signal. This reflection is caused by the incompleteness of silicon of the fiber, consistent with the linear attenuation. The rest of the reflected signal is equal to the plug in part a reflection of the possible fault section. At the same time, these losses can be positioned and detect the exact length of fiber optic cable. These tests can detect whether the fiber optic equipment in an abnormal situation, Bending radius, pulling too much or extrusion) , also can detect whether there is a disconnect, if break because of improper operation. At the same time also can know whether ST connector is connected correctly.
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