Optical fiber communication technology

by:FOT     2020-07-01

communication technology is to transmit information through the communication technology. At the transmitting end, the information is converted and treatment to facilitate the transmission of electrical signals, electrical control & ndash; Light source, make the light signal has the characteristics of to transmit signal, so as to realize the signal of the electric one light conversion, transmitting end signal of light through the transmission to the receiving end of the distance, converted into electric signal by photoelectric diode, etc, so as to realize the signal light electricity transformation. Electrical signals through processing and conversion and restore to the original sender side of the same information. Light wave and electromagnetic wave, but it is more often than several orders of magnitude higher than that of telecommunications in the use of electromagnetic waves: the difficulty of high frequency pick communication system have great communication capacity, fiber and composed of many optical fibers used in fiber optic cable is small in size, light weight, easy to transport and construction. The attenuation of the fiber is very low, so no interruption, communication distance is very long. In addition, the is an insulator, not the high tension line and electromagnetic induction thunder and lightning, radiation resistant ability is strong, so in some special occasions, electric communication interference can't work and the communication is able to work as usual. Almost can do not light-leaking , the secrecy good, noninterference in cable also. When communication capacity is larger and far away, each speech path km of communication system of the cable communication for low cost. fiber optic equipment communication, due to these advantages and developed rapidly.

in 1880, A· G bell invented the use of the sun calls as the light source device, light waves in the atmosphere transmission, calling distance of 213 meters. Later converted to a solitary light lamp as light source, extend the communication distance. But the light transmission in the atmosphere by the impedance of the rain, fog, smoke and dust or reduced, communication is not very stable, is limited by a lot of application. In 1966, Charles kao and others suggest the possibility to implement low attenuation of . In 1970, the United States developed the attenuation of 20 db/km quartz and small size semiconductor laser. Since then, the quality of the parts such as and the laser is rapidly increasing, and therefore with semiconductor laser as light source, with quartz as transmission medium, light to light source of semiconductor photoelectric diode as a receiving device communications system developed rapidly. In the 80 s, with short wavelength light source and multimode fiber marked * generation of optical communication technology has been very mature, there is no interruption of communication distance is about 10 kilometers, communication time is about 1000 road, has been used as a trunk between the central office, also used in communication systems between cities, but the relay station, station spacing is shorter. Marked by long wavelength light sources and single-mode of the second generation of communication technology has been mature, WuZhongJi communication distance is about 30 kilometers, communication capacity of about 5000 road, trunk lines for long distance communication. QuanGuangHua and optical integration of communication technology are under study. QuanGuangHua refers to the optical signal directly be amplified in the repeater, eliminating the light & ndash; Electric conversion and electric & ndash; Light conversion process. QuanGuangHua optical integration function greatly reduce the volume of breaker and light end machine, reducing power consumption and cost, improve the reliability.

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