Optical fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-23

fiber amplifier term definition: English name: fiber - Definition: optic amplifier can will light signal power amplifier of an optical devices. Application disciplines: communications technology ( Level 1 subject) ; Optical fiber transmission and access ( The secondary subject) Optical fiber amplifier ( Ampler, abbreviated OFA) Refers to the use in communication lines, realize the signal amplification of a new type of optical amplifier. According to its position and role in the line, generally divided into relay amplify, preamplifier and power amplifier. With traditional semiconductor laser amplifier ( SOA) OFA comparison, there is no need through the photoelectric conversion, electro-optical transformation and complex signal regeneration process, can be directly to all-optical signal amplifier, has the very good & other; Transparency & throughout; Enlarge the relay, especially for long distance optical communication. OFA, as it were, in order to realize all optical communication laid a technical foundation.

fiber amplifier technology is in the core adding rare earth elements can produce laser, through laser provides incentives for straight time, through the light signal is amplified. The traditional transmission system is to use light & ndash; Electrical & ndash; Light regenerative repeater, the relay equipment affecting the stability and reliability of the system, to remove the above conversion process, directly in the light the way to enlarge the signal transmission, with a light shows all Repeaters to replace the regenerative repeater. Suitable equipment with erbium-doped ( EDFA) And with praseodymium ( PDFA) , doped niobium ( NDFA) 。 EDFA optical amplification technology at present is mainly adopted. In the early 90 s, mixed bait ( EDFA) Successfully developed, broke the communication transmission distance is limited by loss, the all optical communication distance is extended to thousands of kilometers, to communication has brought the revolutionary change, known as the development of optical communication, a & other; Milestone & throughout; 。 So, what is? According to the different amplification mechanism, OFA can be divided into two broad categories.

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