Optical cable, optical fiber, twisted pair, and the difference of the cable

by:FOT     2020-07-03

in the network hardware, and those can not be ignored is the network transmission medium, we usually called the Internet. Now more common fine twisted-pair cable, optical fiber cable, coaxial cable and coaxial cable, etc.

1。 Fiber optic cable

fiber optic cable is a new generation of transmission medium, compared with copper medium, the optical fiber in both security, reliability and network performance has the very big enhancement. In addition, the bandwidth of the optical fiber transmission well beyond copper cable, and its support zui big connection distance is more than two kilometers, is the inevitable choice of building large-scale network. Because the fiber optic cable has good resistance to electromagnetic interference, strong confidentiality, the advantages of fast speed, large transmission capacity, so its price is more expensive, is rarely used in home places. At present there are two different types of common fiber optic equipment, the single mode fiber and multimode fiber ( The so-called & other; Die & throughout; Is a beam of light into the fiber optic equipment at a certain Angle) 。 Multimode fiber is generally used in the same building or relatively close area network connection. Transfer data and single-mode fiber is higher, the quality of the transmission distance is longer, is often used to connect between offices or geographical spread wider network. If use fiber optic cable as the network transmission medium, still need to increase the light end transceiver equipment, so costs more, less used in the application of the general.

2。 Twisted-pair cable

twisted-pair cable is a kind of flexible communication cable, contains pairs of insulated copper wire, its characteristic is cheap, so widely used, such as our common line. According to different zui big transmission rate, the twisted pair can be divided into 3, 5 and 5 classes. The rate of 3 kinds of twisted pair of 10 MB/s, 5 kinds of up to 100 MB/s, and the five types of more than 155 MB/s, can meet the demands of future multimedia data transmission, so may even exceed 5 class is recommended for the twisted-pair cable. Can be divided into twisted-pair cable is shielded twisted-pair cable ( stp) And unshielded twisted pair ( utp) 。 Although the STP twisted-pair rate low ( Only 4 MB/s) , but strong anti-interference than utp twisted-pair cable, so the price also is much expensive, now this kind of twisted pair cheap a few dollars a metre, expensive it may be more than ten yuan to buy a meter. Utp twisted-pair, by contrast, the price is in commonly one meter one yuan, relatively cheap. In addition, the commonly used 10 m and 100 m unshielded twisted pair is a popular way of base - 10 T and base - 100 T, you can often see in the market. And necessary use twisted-pair cable and rj45 crystal head, used for making twisted-pair and nic rj45 interface between joints, its quality is directly related to the stability of the entire network, can not be ignored.

3。 Coaxial cable

coaxial cable is a lot of friends is a familiar type of transmission medium, it is made of layers of insulated wire wrapped around the central copper conductor cable, it is a major characteristic of zui good anti-interference ability, stable data transmission, and the price is cheap, so was once widely used, such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) line. Coaxial cable used more before, however, mainly because of bus structure of coaxial cable network cost is low, but a single cable damage could lead to the entire network paralysis, maintenance is also hard for you, this is the disadvantages of their large zui. In the applications of Ethernet coaxial cable consists of coarse coaxial cable ( 10 base5) And fine coaxial cable ( 10 base2) Two kinds. Now heavily used thick coaxial cable, coaxial cable of the fine and some market. Fine coaxial cable generally the market price of a few dollars a metre, not too expensive. In addition, coaxial cable is used and BNC head connected, sell on the market of coaxial cable is generally had and BNC connection of the finished product, you can use directly.

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