Opening and epidemic prevention, how to solve the difficulties in measuring temperature of thousands of people? Fotric 692 infrared thermal imager can be done

by:FOT     2020-07-17
As domestic new virus outbreak of ease, parts of schools at all levels have resumed classes or identify a formal opening time, is gradually and orderly teaching order. However, because under the influence of foreign imported cases, domestic outbreak is not yet completely over. And schools as crowds concentrated occasions, screening for fever, prevent cross infection, is still the key control after the start of the transaction. So the question here - — Less number of teachers and students in schools at all levels with more than hundreds, thousands, are in fixed time every morning concentrated into the campus, make the body temperature screening workload is very large, the traditional infrared thermometer or temperature gun, rely on manual measured inefficient, obviously not an ideal operation method. How to quickly and accurately solve the temperature problem, yunnan province, middle school ( Located in the jin miao yao dai national minority autonomous counties) At the entrance of the school, fitted with an automatic infrared temperature screening instrument, students stay, not through the can quickly finish temperature measurement, will not bring the risk of staff assembled waiting. At the same time, the testing personnel were without contact, also helps to its own security. Once the abnormal body temperature measurement, the instrument automatically send alarm immediately, remind inspectors timely intervention. Bring about jin high school in the school of fudan university in yunnan province, using the same automatic infrared temperature screening instrument. Bring about this kind of high efficient and accurate screening temperature instrument of fudan university, has been in the hospital, school, government, market, enterprise park, is widely used in areas such as the transportation hub, and also exported to overseas, such as the United States, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries for epidemic prevention. Can say, in the process of the resistance to disease, to be able to efficiently control the developments in China, in addition to 1. 4 billion people and making unremitting efforts, and the strong support of hardcore Chinese science and technology. Relying on infrared measuring temperature imaging automatic infrared temperature screening instrument, is one of them. Automatic infrared temperature screening instrument of temperature measuring advantage temperature fast just one into temperature area, system can millisecond response. Non-inductive temperature measuring all the way, do not need to pause, more won't appear the retention phenomenon of the crowds. At the same time, the equipment installation fast, 15 minutes to complete. For example, in one of the most common case, dual channel screening people normal pace is 1 per second. 5 m, because of the testing requirements, interval of 1 m, pace slowed to zero. 75 m/s, at least every 3 seconds to detect two personnel, then can reach 40 m per minute, an hour to 2400 person-time, if pass speed increase to 1 m/s, can reach 3600 people. Temperature measuring quasi FOTRIC 692 products adopted imported polycrystalline silicon detector, to ensure continuous output accurate temperature measurement under different temperature conditions, strong stability. In the Shanghai quality supervision and inspection in the calibration certificate issued by the institute of technology of continuous temperature measurement error is 0. 2℃。 Temperature stability considering the complexity of screening situation, FOTRIC face detection algorithm, and joined the AI will only face temperature probe into the frame, personnel with high temperature object to be tested, also not interfere with the detection, greatly reduces the rate of false positives. Reduce the labor intensity staff screening. Outbreak after lifting, automatic temperature screening instrument can continue to use? Early in the product design has considered this problem, the automatic temperature screening instrument can achieve multi-usage, can connect the PC to temperature screening, handheld inspection also can connect the phone App. Such as school education institutions, enterprises and institutions can be used for building detection, equipment maintenance, etc. For example: there is a fire hazard of power supply office? Buried in the floor heating pipe, central air conditioning ventilation pipe and other pipe is leaking? Heating pipe insulation insulation bad phenomenon? Combined with the temperature measuring function, FOTRIC temperature screening instrument can be applied very extensive. Bring about electrical equipment defect detection bring warm FOTRIC thermal vision of science and technology is the hot like the world to 123456789 people, expect thermal image technology to a wider range of public services, ensure safety. Company introduction FOTRIC domestic agriculture infrared thermal image is accurate temperature measurement in the field of high-tech technology company, established the 'member of expert workstation'. In the focus of infrared temperature measurement in the course of a 10 years, independent research and development and successfully deliver multiple thermal product lines, such as widely used in electric power industry troubleshooting of daily inspection, factory equipment, process quality control, iron and steel, petrochemical industry safety in production, electronic research chip materials research, and so on. In the delivery, there is more than large enterprises, at the same time covering the country's 211, 985 colleges and universities and national research center.
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