OneTouch models compare 1 tg2 - the AT 1500年,1 tg2 - 3000年,1 t10g - 1000

by:FOT     2020-11-01
Model 1 tg2 15001 tg2 - 30001 t10g - 10001. Tie-in LinkRunnerAT2000 or OneTouchAT 2. Tie-in OptiViewXG RJ45 port: 10/100 / base - 1000 T) x2 x2) fiber SFP test port: base - 100/1000 X√x2√x2Wi- Fi wireless signals: 802. 11a/b/g/n/ac2. The 802 4/5 GHZ). 11 RJ45 port test detection/recognition/position) : 10 gbase - 100/1000 / fiber optic equipment SFP + T) test port: base - 1000 X/10GBASE- RJ45 port management: SRLR) base - 10/100 T tick tick tick tick this config file)) connectivity test (tick tick) service DHCP、DNS、ICMP、TCP) Tick tick tick tick cable wiring diagram and location) TruePowePoE load testing cloud services online VoIP analysis)))) trends and tick tick) detection and analysis cable cable and Wi Fi cable subscribers test ( HTTP、FTP、IGMP RTSP, SMTP) Tick tick tick inline cable and Wi Fi packet capture cable, cable, inline inline, Wi - Fi cable cable route performance measurement gbps1 acuities were 1 gbps1 gbps1 1 or less, or less 10 gbps2wi - or less 300/600 mbps1 Fi path performance evaluation
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