On March 18-2019 20 sea ray fair in Munich

by:FOT     2020-07-12
On March 18-2019 20 in Munich on sea ray fair on March 18-2019 20 in Munich on sea ray expo

optics and optical manufacturing display area is one of the global influential optical industry event, the 2019 Munich on the sea ray fair W4 pavilion and OW7 pavilion will bring together the highlight of the latest technology and development trend of optical industry chain focusing on optical materials, components, the lens component, the whole instrument, optical processing equipment, optical coating, lens and camera, security and surveillance and other kinds of optical products, equipment and technology. Zeiss, Olympus, nikon, two land and ocean optics, o @ monte, meetall, purise teck, corning, Newport, hamamatsu, lenny, buhler lai treasure, Wright buss, konica minolta, Lola, ai Luo Deke, PCO, ACS, QED, graceful giant bo, PuAi nano, ShunYu, blue, ford, wavelength, optical, tin bin it brings about new products and new technology. Held '2019 international BBS' optical industry development, specially invited members, chief scientist and industry leaders, to share the industry trends and optical products in our country, the core technology, energy, and biological engineering applications and solutions. 2019 the first optical industry event not to be missed!

l advanced solid-state lasers and laser new

l advanced laser materials, thin films and components, new functional fiber and devices

l laser light field control, transmission and application

l laser processing and advanced manufacturing technology

l and laser medicine on ultra-weak bioluminescence (uwl)

l laser detection and laser communication

l advanced semiconductor laser and optoelectronic devices

l strong laser and its applications

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