Omron E32 series of characteristics of the unit

by:FOT     2020-06-20

omron E32 series fiber optic equipment unit is particularly suitable for use or used in a narrow space for the detection of small objects. OMRON sensor e32 series standard thread form. Tapping on the holder, the use of nut is installed. • Right Angle type cable along the wall connection, so have the advantages of not easy to hook.

OMRON type fiber optic equipment sensor E32 & bull; Can be inserted into the narrow space for installation. ( Using the fastening screws installed) • φ 1× 10 mm subminiature sensor head, save a space extremely. omron• Thin, can be installed to the narrow space. • Installed directly, do not need special mounting bracket. • Light is small, be applicable to the detection of tiny objects. E32 series optical fiber unit, please according to the size of the test object and the set range, choose zui sensor. ( See & ndash; Determining the type of reference information & ndash; ) Omron fiber unit & bull; In addition, according to the size of workpiece, only to pull out the amount and the distance to adjust, can change the light spot diameter, don't need to change the light spot of the fiber flexible lens unit.

omron fiber unit not lens zui large detection distance; 20米( E32- T17L) Can be used for large objects, E32 series fiber optic equipment & bull; Some of the power supply will not be easily affected by the dust and dirt, etc. • Some products only install lens, can easily implement long distance change

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