OFFSOON fiber end face and clean machine

by:FOT     2020-06-28

fiber end face cleaning machine is nantong huida present a cleaning equipment of high performance low price, it can quickly clean Yin type connector end face, solve Yin type connector end face clean problem, ensure that no foreign body connection, achieve butt when low involvement loss, high return loss of the optical properties. fiber optic equipment end face clean machine USES a liquid + gas cleaning principle. When pressing the switch first injection end face to clean liquid, dissolved the oily be soiled, dirt and stains on the fiber end face quickly, then spray clean gas cleaning fluid and oil stain blow away together, make the fiber no dust deposit. Cleaning machine operation convenient, you only need to clean mouth inserted into the fiber ports clean press the switch system began to work, the whole process lasted only a few seconds.

fiber end face clean machine suits for optical module, TOSAR, Yin and Yang type optical attenuator end face clean.

features: 1, fast and convenient operational 2, cleaning effect is good, easy to clean liquid filling 4, low cost, a bottle cleaning fluid to clean 1. 50000 times more than 5, long service life, cleaning fluid conforms to the ROHS requirements applicable scope: 1, the optical transceiver module port clean 2, 3 TOSAR end face clean, Yin and Yang type optical attenuator end face clean 4, distribution frame polishing port clean

project parameters air dry clean N2, CO2, air or gas pressure 4 kg - - - - - - - 6 kg 3 w power consumption using temperature 15 ℃ ~ + + + 10 ℃ ~ + 25 ℃ storage temperature 30 ℃ power DC 12 & plusmn; 0. 5 V body size: 265 * 205 mm * 92 mm. Clean the handle: 5 mm & phi; 15mm*110mm

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