Ocean optics with flame - A new generation of micro fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-09
Ocean optics since 1992 since the micro spectrometer, the invention of * in the world have been applying spectrum into the field, and become more zui popular brand in the industry. In 2011, ocean optics has sold 200000 USB series spectrometer.

in 2015, based on the highly recognition of USB series, flame series Marine optical spectrometer. Flame inherited the USB series of small hardened carapace, and greatly improved the internal design, integrated automation of production process. On the basis of USB series, flame increased thermal stability and consistency between units, and in many ways to improve the user experience, in the peer products.

main feature

apply environment and advantage

application environment, for example,

the LED indicator light

can visually see the working state of the spectrometer, convenient experiment building and diagnosis system.

teaching and laboratory use. OEM system development, maintenance and repair. Thermal stability

under the environment of large temperature difference, the data is more stable and better repeatability.

the LED light, industrial process monitoring, measuring outdoors.

enhance consistency

automation production process makes the instrument data consistency between higher, more can improve the experiment of reproducibility and consistency of OEM integration equipment.

teaching and laboratory use, analysis instrument OEM integration.

configuration free

according to the specific application, configure zui suitable spectrometer. Adjustable parameters include: wavelength range resolution, sensitivity, filter, etc.

laser detection, weak fluorescence detection, reflection survey, irradiance measurement, specific wavelength absorbance measurements. By flexible

enable fast, easy to carry, can do in situ measurement instrument to sample.

outdoor remote sensing measurement, such as: air, water quality monitoring and solar radiation measurement. Integrated into the production line in situ monitoring of production process.

facilitate system integration

small shape, is in line with the prevailing zui popular USB series size. With MicroUSB, RS - 232, I2C and SPI interface is ideal when doing system integration module.

laboratory researchers,, OEM, lab he platform design software research and development or its people. Build a laboratory test system, system integration, with LabView and other common design platform.

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