Ocean optics ideal miniature fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-20
USB2000 micro fiber spectrometer is a classic, ocean optics zui zui reliable a spectrometer. It USES the second generation of ILX511B Sony CCD, zui fast sampling speed is 1 ms. When USB2000 spectrometer through USB2. 0 interface connected to the computer, the user can store 1000 spectra per second, very suitable for need to the application of high speed processing. The main parameter index of ocean optics USB2000 miniature fiber optic spectrometer detector: Sony ILX511B, 2048 pixel spectral range: 200 - 1100 nm, assume the grating wavelength resolution: 0. 3 - 10 nm, on the basis of grating and slit slit: 5 um, um, 25 um, um, 50 100 um, um 200 light delete: 14 kinds of grating, UV - NIR signal-to-noise ratio: 250:1 integration time: 1 - ms 65 s size; 89. 3mm x 63. 3mm x 34. 4 mm weight: 190 g absorption spectra measurement system is a typical configuration, spectrometer USB2000 UV - VIS wavelength range: 200 - 850 nm wavelength resolution: ~ 1. 5 nm (2) light source DH2000 deuterium tungsten light source wavelength range: 200 - 2000 nm 3, measurement software Spectrasuite four stalls, sample CUV - UV CV - five, sample pool Q - 10 6, 2 root QP400 - pass the fiber optic equipment 2 - 紫外- VIS ocean optics USB2000 miniature fiber optic spectrometer features: 1000 amplitude spectra per second rate of collection and storage size is small, easy to carry and OEM equipment integrated programmable microcontrollers, facilitate OEM equipment integrated modular design, 14 kinds of grating, 6 kinds of slit optional user can do your own wavelength calibration USB interface; Without external power supply through the RoHS and CE certification
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