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by:FOT     2020-07-13
Now upgraded to 10 Gb upgrade to 10 Gb now? We did not make you forget. Since the optical fiber 10 gbase - standard The SR since its launch, from the LAN backbone cabling infrastructure upgrades to support the activities of 10 Gb has been going on for several years, but many enterprise business before that don't need this kind of speed. Data center quickly upgrade to 25, 40 or 100 Gb rate, to support the fast rise in number of virtual servers, to accommodate more applications than ever before, and need to access, send, and storage of large amounts of data. At the same time, the needs of high-speed data transmission in the LAN also reached an unprecedented height, including wired and wireless connection. Although university and big companies such as financial institutions have to upgrade the LAN backbone, but there are still a lot of other institutions is only realized 1 Gb rate obviously can not meet the requirements. Now send out most of the information are concentrated in the data center of the fiber optic infrastructure upgrades to support rate of 40 Gb and 100 Gb, but we think it's only upgrade to 10 Gb of user should not be forgotten, and will benefit from reviewing key matters. Fiber is very important to discuss upgrading to 10 Gb fiber rate, in the final analysis depends on whether the wiring to support such a rate, there are a lot of matters need to consider the total length of fiber types and channels. Commonly used in the multimode optical fiber LAN backbone facilities, signal variation is caused by mode dispersion. Mode dispersion occurs, optical pulse transmission and within a certain distance in different time reach the receiver, resulting in the error. This is a high speed transmission constraints. A new type of optical fiber with special design in order to prevent the mode dispersion, the old type 62. 5 (including m multimode fiber. Using the optical fiber distributed data interface ( FDDI) Level of optical fiber network under the 10 Gb rate is limited to about 26 m - — The distance is not very realistic: most LAN backbone is close to the distance of 300 meters. In order to meet the requirements of the LAN backbone network distance, fiber laser must be upgraded to optimize (including 50 m multimode fiber, OM3 support distance 10 Gb rate of 300 meters, OM4 support distance 10 Gb rate of up to 400 meters. In addition to optical fiber type and the distance to reduce losses, can really say whether fiber optic backbone support key parameter is the attenuation rate of 10 Gb. By the parameter, we can know an end-to-end channel and how the loss of signal, and the strength still enough to support the application. Although some installer in calculating attenuation by getting away with 1 Gb system, but when we upgrade to 10 Gb rate, this practice is not desirable. 10 Gb channel greater attenuation has 3 from 1 Gb applications. Reduced to 2, 5 db. 6 db ( 850 nm OM3 fiber) 。 Attenuation is related to many factors - — Light source, type of cable used in the transmitter, the channel quality and quantity of the total length, connection and joint. A greater influence on loss and obstruction of 10 Gb rate support capacity of optical fiber end face was more common cause pollution. Telecom room is not always a cleaner environment, between optical fiber end face of any dirt or debris can cause loss of signal, back reflection, even damage the equipment. No matter what type of optical fiber, fiber optic equipment right cleaning and inspection is to ensure that support is an indispensable part of 10 Gb. Certification to ensure safe even if you choose the correct type of cable, and are sure to accept the distance limit and more clean and check the fiber end face, but the only thing that can guarantee 100% support IEEE 802. 3 10GBASE- The SR application measures is fiber link for certification. Using CertiFiber ® Pro and other optical loss tester measuring attenuation level 1 test is one of the methods of authentication, while the use of OptiFiber ® Pro optical time domain reflectometer (such as OTDR) 2 levels of tests can give to each element in the fiber channel ( And optical fiber, connectors and connectors) Attenuation, and may also affect loss events, such as optical fiber bending. If there is no OTDR, it is hard to find and fix some loss. For the purposes of authentication, you need a tester can application according to the IEEE standards and TIA and wiring to the standards set by the ISO/IEC, qualified or unqualified results are given. With calculating attenuation or spend hours reading OTDR trajectory compared to qualified or unqualified indicator is much easier and fast. Fortunately, CertiFiber Pro and OptiFiber Pro provides this functionality. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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