New MPO optical testing microscopic instrument FI - 3000

by:FOT     2020-07-13
New MPO optical testing microscopic instrument FI - 3000 - — New MPO optical testing microscopic instrument can provide from the single fiber to the faster the MPO end complete view of Beijing, China, on March 7, 2019 -- recently, the introduction of FI - 3000 FiberInspector ™ Pro optical testing microscopic instrument, which is the higher the efficiency of the fiber core plug ( MPO) fiber optic equipment end face detection of micro meter. MPO technology can connect more 32 at the same time, hundreds of gigabytes of information transmission, but the fiber is vulnerable to a greater source of trouble 'pollution'. Use the FI - 3000 technical staff can use the function of real-time view instant check the fiber end face, enlarge the single fiber, using a touch screen interface within a few seconds to complete the 'pass/fail' test. 'The data center and to the home/office or antenna ( 以前) The high density of the development of the network promotes the MPO technology popularization. 'US Conec company vice President of product management Mike Hughes said. The company is the development of high density optical interconnection and global leader in the field of supply, also is the inventor of the MTP ® high-performance MPO connector, 'to the human eye can't see the tiny dust is intermittent error can lead to connection even interrupt. So be in the connection is checked before each fiber and surface - even if it is direct from the factory. 'Optical testing microscopic instrument ( FiberInspector Pro) We evaluated more efficient MPO connector inspection tool, 'the industry's leading independent engineering, IT and services business company Curran IT senior operations manager Ed Wilson said. FI - 3000 FiberInspector Pro optical testing microscopic instrument provides complete functions, whether single or double row configuration or 8, 10, 12 or 16 core , can be easily and efficiently test MPO backbone, have more autofocus camera design can be instant in the smartphone or wei ( Versiv) End of the test platform to show the whole real-time view. Touch the 'Test' ( Test) In just a few seconds, can be automatically obtained according to IEC 61300 - 3 - 35 standard to judge the result of 'pass/fail'. “FI- 3000 in speed, documentation, and human body engineering has made a breakthrough, but our trial users said they prefer is the function of real time observation, 住视图) The user interface. ', the marketing director Harley Lang said: 'this feature can help users only need to insert the connector can be observed in its face, and by light touch any amplifier. After check, can switch from pass/reject results summary view to various images of the , which will highlight the issue, and use simple touch screen translation view the connector. By the view, the user can sure whether MPO in good condition, can be connected. ”FI- 3000 adopt unique ergonomic design, can easily check panel or cable, and control button is located in the back, easy one-handed operation. Built-in PortBright ™ lighting, convenient in the dark, or dense patch panel also can easily find the correct port. LED indicates a qualified or unqualified state, lightweight case not only guarantee the FI - 3000 grip and comfortable, but also can accommodate fiber cleaning supplies. After start-up, tester by FI - IN the app work with iOS or Android intelligent equipment. The app allows users to save the test results, but also can be used as an image or the PDF report to share with other people. Later this year, FI - 3000 will be available for Versiv ™ wiring certification test measurement and control system. This will make the Versiv users can use LinkWare PC or LinkWare Live to generate test report. 。 LinkWare now has more than 40000 users, the cloud has uploaded 17 million set of results, is the industry's leading wiring solution test report. A single project all the test, including copper, fiber loss, OTDR, optical testing, can be merged into a report. Media contact Chinese name telephone mailbox Lin Huawei + 86 10, 5735, 1446, Linda. lin@flukenetworks。 Com if you have any questions or problems, welcome to contact us at any time
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