NetScout Aircheck G2 and Aircheck WiFi network tester

by:FOT     2020-11-17
Recent sales of customers are consulting the difference between the Aircheck G2 and Aircheck, there has been no time to do before a formal comparison, take this opportunity to make a contrast. 1, the change of appearance. Everyone knows that NETSCOUT company bought the part of the network of Networks, and Aircheck G2 is the NETSCOUT company makes the brand after the acquisition, the company of the Aircheck stopped production. Previous Aircheck yes traditional yellow Aircheck G2 is a traditional NETSCOUT green. The difference between VS 2, screen. On instrument operation way, the original is Aircheck touch-tone, AircheckG2 is 5 inch touch screen, it is Android system, operation mode is more smooth, convenient. 3, functional difference. 1) Original Aircheck cannot cable, AircheckG2 can be simple cable connectivity test; 2) Aircheck does not support 802. 11 ac and Aircheck G2 supports 802. 11AC( This is very important) ; 3) Aircheck does not support, Aircheck G2 support test interference sources detection; 4) Aircheck does not support, Aircheck G2 supports roaming test; More detailed information: Aircheck link: http://www. faxy - 技术。 com/Products/AirCheck- 无线网络, Tester. HtmlAircheck G2 link: http://www. faxy - 技术。 com/products/aircheckg2。 超文本标记语言
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