NetAlly release Aircheck G2 4. 0 version supports Wi - Fi 6 ( 802. 11ax)

by:FOT     2020-07-12
A few days ago, Netally company ( 前NetScout业务) Released the Aircheck G2. 4. 0 version tester, mainly increase the WI - FI61ax) Function, the throughput results, as well as the channel utilization. NetAlly发布版本4。 其软件的0 AirCheck G2 Wi - Fi tester. 这增加了可视性的Wi - Fi 6 ( 802. 11ax) 网络安装、验证和故障排除。 ●Wi- Fi 6 ( 802. 11ax) 可视化此外,用户可以自动上传和文档iPerf性能测试结果,快速生成报告,提供通过/失败的信息,可用于轻松验证网络上传和下载速度从任何地方,在任何时候。 所有这一切导致更快的平均修复时间( MTTR) 和简单的文档和协作。 Save in the Link - low iPerf throughput test result Live low cloud platform bundled channel utilization low log files saved in the Link - 'Through the Link - Live cloud platform Live wireless performance Aircheck G2 cloud platform analysis for more details: http:///Products/NetAlly- AircheckG2。 HtmlNetAllyAircheck compared with AircheckG2 product category features 802 AircheckAircheckG2 technical support. 11 802 media support. 11a/b/g/n802. 11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax NOYes802 wired Ethernet interface. 11 antenna 3 * 33 * 3 keyboard touch screen user interface equipment design analysis of the Ap test and attribute Yes ( 有限公司) Yes( Morethantenconfigurationsettingsandpropertiesreported) Client detection and attribute YesYes not WIFI interference detection ACLYesYes NOYes access control ( CanimportACLfromcontroller) WIFI YesYes fault analysis unauthorized equipment throughput test NOYes YesYes connection test
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