NetAlly EtherScope nXG is getting better and better, stronger security, published today in a more comprehensive analysis, and more

by:FOT     2020-07-16
NetAlly followed publishing industry leading wired/wireless network analyzer EtherScope nXG, again to upgrade. Provide more security, more comprehensive analysis and easier collaboration, the firmware is now available for all the existing EtherScope nXG users free download. ” We hope that through the EtherScope nXG to establish key new function is added to the rhythm, and show their agility and speed of development, 'NetAlly chief technology officer James Kahkoska said. 'In the function of dozens of new, my favorite is can let users through the MAC, the name of the manufacturer, IP or in only a few characters to comb thousands found find the search of network elements. 'EtherScope nXG is a handheld network analyzer, can make the network engineers and technical personnel with a single user interface to quickly find, analysis, wired and wireless Internet business and for troubleshooting. The product launch in October, and has set up a get Wi - The final nomination of Fi award 'innovation award of the year'. Today launched upgrade based on EtherScope nXG function, can significantly improve visibility on the network, and accelerate and simplify the test and analysis, and improve team collaboration. In particular, today's updates include: low extended security features, — EtherScope nXG now including the definition of flexible user equipment name and authentication. It can make the network professionals to more easily manage their inventory and to detect malicious faster devices -- — Before the harm network. Low deepen the monitoring and analysis function - — EtherScope nXG now can provide more comprehensive network performance examination, including recent exchange VLAN traffic analysis, stronger testing and to analyze the time trend analysis of the intermittent failures. Low remote problem solving skills improve - — EtherScope nXG now through NetAlly Link - free of charge Live Cloud Service, at the scene of the center network engineers and technicians to share more of the key information. More powerful cable or Wi - Fi found snapshot contains not only the name and address, also includes key properties, therefore, network engineers can now 'anytime, anywhere' analysis of network infrastructure and help remote solve the problem, even in the far distance network problems. 'From the first day, EtherScope nXG has become a powerful Wi - your hands Fi and LAN test and analysis suite, 'Wirednot wireless network architects and recognized industry experts Lee Badman said. 'A new function increases the powerful products, to make it more suitable for complex environment. I really like the VLAN dedicated new granularity and the Link The value of Live will continue to prove through the new firmware. 'New EtherScope nXG has free supply all updates to existing users, method is through the Link - free of charge Live cloud services to download in the air, or to download it to manually install into the SD card. How about EtherScope nXG help network engineers and field technicians to perform faster operation for more information, please visit http:///products/netally- etherscope - nxg。 html。 About NetAllyNetAlly network testing and analysis of series solution has for decades been in better deployment network engineers and technical personnel, management and maintenance of today's complex wired and wireless networks. Since 1993, the first handheld network analyzer in the field since the NetAlly has been set up the standard for portable network analysis. With the help of tools, including LinkRunner and OneTouch, AirCheck, NetAlly simplifies the complexity of the network testing, provides effective problem solving real-time visibility, and implements the field personnel with remote experts seamless collaboration between. If more information and view the NetAlly can help network professionals work done quickly. Fluke Networks and NETSCOUT are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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