Near infrared optical fiber spectrometer is used to near infrared spectral analysis

by:FOT     2020-06-26
Near infrared spectrometer is a kind of miniature spectrometer, plug and play type used to near infrared spectral analysis of area, such as wavelength tunable laser properties, humidity analysis, near infrared spectrum analysis, etc. Near infrared spectrometer analysis technology advantage of sample without pretreatment can directly measure: near infrared spectrometer measuring way transmission, reflection and diffuse a variety of forms, suitable for measuring liquid, solid and slurry in the form of samples, therefore, quite useful. Big advantage is without any pretreatment of the sample, such as gasoline can be directly into the measuring cup or insert the probe is directly measured in gasoline, operation is convenient, within a few seconds to complete spectrum scan. Optical fiber distance measurement: near infrared spectrometer can be remote transmission through , can realize remote from outside spectrometer measurement, measuring probe or flow pool can be installed directly to the device of production line, realize the online measurement, or environmental field measurement of hard and dangerous place. An on-line near infrared spectrometer can external multiplex ( 2 ~ 10 road) Optical fiber loop, the realization of the multiple points of production facility material online measurement. Online measurement data can be directly transported to DCS or control system, for the optimization of production in a timely manner to provide product quality parameters. With other online measuring instrument with parameters ( Variables such as pressure, flow and temperature) Compared with on-line near infrared spectrometer analysis provides data ( Such as composition or properties) Is a direct quality parameters, the optimization of production to provide more and useful reference information. Near infrared spectrometer used together with conventional standard analysis method, have the effect of the two sides complement each other, can not only provide analytical data to the production control department timely, but also save the analysis test fee ( Including manpower, equipment, and reagents, etc. ) ; On-line near-infrared analysis connected to the DCS, directly to the control system provides the data, on the basis of the economic benefits of production optimization is great; Compared with other online instrument, near infrared spectrometer running near infrared spectrometer and consumption are very low failure rate.
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