Near infrared absorbance measurement solution of fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-22
Near infrared optical fiber spectrometer absorbance measurement solutions near infrared optical fiber spectrometer instrument features: 1. Using fiber optic equipment transmission, CCD array detector, high detection sensitivity; 2. Millisecond to achieve full spectrum multiple scanning, fast analysis speed, 3. Solid-state integrated optical design, no mechanical moving parts, anti-vibration and anti-interference; 4. Are connected to the computer with USB interface, plug and play, no external power supply; 5. Modular design, can choose and buy all kinds of accessories, configuration is used for absorption, reflection and emission spectrum analysis system; 6. Small volume, light weight, easy to carry and suitable for field operation. Absorbance measurement is used to measure light transmission medium to absorb the light solution and the concentration of the gases. Unit of absorbance signal is proportional to molar absorptivity, optical path and different concentration samples. Near infrared optical fiber spectrometer is suitable for the absorption measurement. The grating spectrometer preset, this configuration for most of the solution's absorbance measurements provide the appropriate resolution. Built-in diffraction filter can block elimination of secondary and tertiary diffraction effect, if not blocked, will create not clean in the absorption spectrum peaks. Recommended deuterium Combination of halogen tungsten lamp as light source, although light source compared with cheaper price, but as a result of not using filter technique, uv light source line in some specific experiments may cause misunderstanding. Sampling optical element: the jue to measure absorbance, 1 - can be used Cm CUV - optical path UV cuvette holder and quartz tube. Can be used for relative absorbance measurement, additional USB attachment directly and immersion probe and flow pool. Recommended exposure fiber as lighting and read. Using the NIST standard absorbance measurement standard, ensure accurate and reliable results.
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