Nanjing domestic optical fiber welding which vendors would find?

by:FOT     2020-11-07
To choose fiber welding machines, must first understand the parameters of the welding machine. Is generally applied some conclusions: for single core, the vast majority of welding machine on the market are single core welding machine, weld is only a single fiber; Another for fiber ribbon welding machine, such function of welding welding multiple fiber at the same time, the ribbon fiber welding machines more than a can melt 12 core at the same time. Welding time, welding time refers to the fiber in after welding machine, welding machine to promote alignment, discharge welding, the process of time; Welding time as short as possible. Heating time: welding after the completion of the need to use the heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube fuse contact need to be heated after trapping heat shrinkable tube, this time is more short more good; The welding machine in about 20 seconds. Under the condition of the cold weather, the heating time is long, welding machine welding some less, this don't strange in winter. Welding loss: for light signal transmission is known to all, melt contact welding signal after there will be a loss of welding machine is good basically is to see the loss value after welding, as small as possible. At present the welding machine welding on market losses are 0. 02 db. Battery: the battery capacity, the greater the charge with the longer, like cell phone battery capacity a meaning. Domestic welding which vendors would find? Communication technology co. , LTD. Is located in the new city jiangbei district, jiangsu province, is engaged in photoelectric communication equipment manufacturing and sales of the company. The company developed welding machine, optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) , light source, optical power meter, underground pipeline detector, cable temporary docking survey instrument, ( Optical fiber V groove) Instruments such as stable quality, widely used to national economy each domain.
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