Multimode fiber jumper testing and its use of the note is introduced

by:FOT     2020-06-29
Multimode fiber jumper wire products are widely applied to: telecommunication room, to the home, local area network, sensor, communication system, transmission equipment, such as national defense combat readiness. Applicable to cable network, telecommunication network, computer network and optical test equipment. Segmentation is mainly used in several aspects. Multimode fiber jumper testing qualified how to detect fiber-optic jumper? In return loss tester, first using light pen measure whether jump line light pass, determine the fiber isn't broken measure indicators. General telecom level indicators: insertion loss less than 0. 3 db callback loss is greater than 45 db. Performance test of fiber optic jumper wire is divided into optical performance testing, end face geometric shape detection, end surface scratch test, tensile testing, such as environmental temperature experiment. Multimode fiber jumpers use note multimode fiber jumper at the ends of the module to send and receive the wavelength of the light must agree, that is to say the ends of the must be the same wavelengths of light module, a simple way to distinguish is the color of light module. Generally, under the condition of short wave module (with multimode fiber Orange fiber) Using single mode fiber, long wave module ( Yellow fiber) To ensure the accuracy of the data transmission. Optical fiber in use do not excessive bending and around the ring, this would increase the light attenuation in the transmission process. Multimode fiber jumpers after use must use cases to guard the fiber optic connectors, dust and oil pollution can damage the coupling. If the connector is dirty, you can use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of communication. 1, before use must insert fiber optic jumper ceramic core and core end face with alcohol and absorbent cotton to wipe clean. 2, use the time short and bending radius is less than 30 mm. 3, protect the core and core end face, prevent bruising, pollution, disassembled, bring the dust cap in a timely manner. 4, laser signals when do not look straight into the fiber end face. 5, human and other force majeure factors damage should be timely replacement of damaged fiber optic jumper. 6, read the instructions carefully before installation, and under the guidance of the manufacturer or distributor engineer for installation debugging. 7 the abnormal situation, network or system, fault elimination process can be used in test one by one. Test or exclude jump line failure to do test, usually can use visible laser pen for polishing the entire fiber optic link judgment. Or further use precision fiber optic insertion loss return loss tester, test indicators, indicators in the qualified range, the jumper wire instructions to normal, the opposite is unqualified.
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