Multimode fiber jumper how to meet?

by:FOT     2020-06-19
Multimode fiber jumper was conducted between and can live discharge ( Activities) How connection device, fiber optic jumper is right, what kind of fiber optic jumper wire connection better? Multimode fiber jumper wire is connected, the fiber ends facing to launch optical output of light energy to limit coupled to the receiving , and optical link due to the intervention and the effects on the system feel small. Multimode fiber jumper wire connection points of single and double mode fiber and single mode transmission distance of around 1500, dual mode can reach 10 miles. Optical fiber can be through the optical transceiver into RJ45 ordinary signal cables or RS232 cable. Fiber optic jumper generally connected to the optical splitter or light distribution frame, fiber optic jumper wire connecting the optical transceiver, optical transceiver can put the light signal into we normally use electrical signals. Equipment on both ends of the fiber optic jumper is link, usually fiber box is ST head, switches, fiber optic modules to LC head, head, fiber optic transceivers sc optical transceiver and ODF frame head of fc. Multimode fiber jumper is connect two fiber optic equipment, there are a lot of models, such as ST - 圣,圣- LC, LC - LC、圣- SC, and so on, to choose what type of fiber to see your device interface is ST or LC or SC.
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