Multimeter continuity and diode testing - Multimeter use paper

by:FOT     2020-11-15
Continuity of continuity is a rapid 'through/by' resistance test, used to distinguish between has opening and closing of the circuit. Using digital multimeter with continuity buzzer, more convenient and faster to complete a lot of continuity test. If the multimeter is detected closed circuit, it will sing, this wouldn't have to view the multimeter during the test. Trigger the buzzer for resistance in accordance with the digital multimeter to the size of the model. Diode testing diode is like an electronic switch. It will be the voltage is greater than a specific value conduction ( Generally for silicon diode, the voltage is about 0. 6 v) And to permit current flow in one direction. When the check of the condition of the diode or transistor junction, v ohmmeter, VOM) Not only will give you change a lot of reading, and will make up to 50 ma electric current flows through the semiconductor junction. ( See image below) 。 Some digital multimeter with diode test mode, can be used to measure and display the actual voltage drop at the ends of the semiconductor junction. Silicon semiconductor junction should be less than zero. 7 v forward voltage, reverse should be open.
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