Multimeter accuracy

by:FOT     2020-11-17
Multimeter accuracy is the maximum permissible error on the specific running conditions. Accuracy said digital multimeter, in other words, according to the measured value and the actual value of the measured signal proximity. The accuracy of the digital multimeter is usually expressed in the percentage of the readings. Accuracy of 1% of the readings, said if the display reading is 100 v, the voltage of the actual value can be any value between 99 v and 101 v. Technical parameters may include added to the basic accuracy on a bit. The display value range represents the Numbers may change the number of words at the right. In this case, the accuracy of the above example can be expressed as 'plus or minus ( 1% + 2) ”。 Therefore, if the display reading is 100 v, the actual voltage value will be between $98. 8 v, and 101. Between the 2 v. The parameters of the analogue multimeter is determined by full scale error, not decided by shows the percentage of the readings. Analogue multimeter typical accuracy of 2% for the full scale or plus or minus 3%. In the 1/10 full scale, accuracy to 20% or 30% of reading. Typical basic accuracy digital multimeter based on readings of plus or minus ( 0. 7% + 1) With + / - ( 0. 1% + 1) Or is better.
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