MS2- Use the guide (100 microscanner2)

by:FOT     2020-11-24
Cable tester MicroScanner2 is the comparison of the test cables in a hot, if the customer has used, might think he is very easy to use, but for new users, will inevitably encounter some problems. Today we'll introduce MicroScanner2 cable test instrument - — MS2- The use of 100. Now let's look at its appearance. The appearance design is very 'contracted fashion, natural pride', function relative to last week introduced line meter is strong. Today's communication technology personnel not only cable problem to deal with. Before determine the cause of the network connection problem, you must first rule out the possible existence of cable problem. Is there a telephone voltage? Polarity is what? The remote Ethernet switch? PoE is available? MS2- 100 can help technicians to confirm these problems, and its integrated RJ11, RJ45 and coaxial cable test port support almost any type of low voltage cable testing, without the need for a clumsy adapter. Greatly reducing the test time and technical errors, let more efficient. Then follow me into the MS2 - step by step 100 'core' in the world, see the 'core'. Step 1: connect the test line sequence problem first, connect the adapter tester and line sequence to wiring, as shown in figure 5 connection, the instrument will be displayed on the screen line sequence, generally have the following questions: (1) twisted pair wiring on open: if only one of the line open and not order adapter cable, wire to the two wires are displayed as open circuit. There is short circuit (2) the twisted-pair cabling, figure 7 shows between 5 and 6 wire short circuit, short circuit wiring will flash to indicate failure. Cable length is 75. 4 m。 (3) line jumper: figure 8 shows the third root and 4 line jumper. Line number will flash to indicate failure. Cable length is 53. 9 m。 The cable is shielded. Detection line jumper needs to connect the remote adapter. (4) line jumper, figure 9 shows line for 1, 2, and 3, 6 jumper. Line number will flash to indicate failure. This may be caused by wrong cable 568 a and 568 b. Lines of the jumper needs to use the remote adapter. (5) line of series wound: figure 10 shows the line of 3, 6 and 4, 5 series wound. String around the line will flash to indicate failure. Cable length is 75. 4 m。 In the line of series wound, end-to-end connectivity is right, but the connection of lines from different lines. Line of series wound lead to excessive crosstalk, and interfere with the network operation. Note: the twisted-pair cables such as telephone lines, due to the large crosstalk, often displayed as series wound. 6 detected voltage telephone: figure 11 shows online for 4, 5 voltage is detected on the phone. Length is not shown, because the voltage interference length measurement. Step 2: set the MS2 - the length of the unit 100 support two length unit, default ft and m, next I taught you how to switch the setting, you see the instruction manual are not necessarily understand yo. With instruments in hand with friends can follow me to do: 1, hold the [ 港口】 And the Delta. The two key, then turned on again. ( The diagram below) 2, into the interface has been successful! 【 英国《金融时报》】 Is the default units now, only need to click the' 模式】 You can switch to the 米】 . 3, as the chart, the unit has been switched into the 米】 , below the 69% 】 Said now NVP value, which is to estimate a parameter value of the cable length. Cooperate with line probe line MS2 - 100 can support to launch the digital audio signal, so also can cooperate with line pipe line. After the operation is very simple: boot, click on the' 模式】 You can switch to audio launch mode. Open the line probe gear, again can line, very convenient. Below is the current content of the video, the video without subtitles, specific steps can refer to this article.
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