MS2- 100 operating manual, using guide

by:FOT     2020-11-18
MS2- 100 cable tester is a relatively hot network testing products, even if for just get equipment, may be some question that how to use the MS2 - 100 network cable tester? Even under the dispatch of engineers to understand and use the MS20 - acting together 100 network cable tester. (1) : 开/关】 ( On/off) The key. (2) : by the Write. 【 Left. Navigation screen and change the Settings. In audio generator mode, these keys are used to in IntelliTone and analog audio generator loop transformation between tones. (3) : PORT】 Port selection RJ45 or coaxial cable connector as the current port. (4) : MODE】 In the cable test, cycle changes between audio generator and PoE detection mode. To enter the other model, please at startup tester at the same time hold down the button: 【 PORT】 + 【 Write. : can be used in the calibration length measured values and select metres or feet as a unit of length. 【 MODE】 +【 Left. : activate the demo mode, in this mode tester example of test results screen. (5) LCD display with back light. 6. Used to connect to the F - 75 Ω coaxial cable Joint. 7) used to connect the phone and twisted pair network cable modular jack. Jack can plug 8 - The needle module type ( RJ45) And 6 - The needle module type ( RJ11) Joint. F - end belt Joints and eight Needle modular jack line sequence of adapter. F - pet-name ruby optional belt Joints and eight Needle modular jack remote ID locator.
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