Mr Zapatero SENSOPART sen optical fiber sensor

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SENSOPART, Mr Zapatero fiber optic sensor

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FL 20 - optical fiber sensors Plastic optical fiber amplifier

small compact amplifier equipment

the fiber optic sensor FL impressive 20 compact size and convincing performance. It covers all the requirements for narrow space optical sensor technology, and provide the zui simple processing high precision detection.

FL 20 - Window:

the micro size 32 x 20 x 12 mm & sup2; , facilitate and machine integration

with a key or control input teaching

dynamic adjustment

fiber optic sensor FL 70

sensor for plastic optical fiber adapter

typical FL 70

easy operation fiber optic sensor

FL 70 R FL 70 R

version does not need to display, is

standard application of economical alternatives.

all variants in common in the teaching of simple operations

. Can press the button and

teaching through the teaching line in the external. The

button can also be taught through external thread locking.

70 FL - Window

high, clear operation convenience -- Easy to teaching

high accuracy

high switch frequency

SENSOPART, Mr Zapatero fiber optic sensor

fiber optic sensor FMS 18 / FMS 30 / FSG 30

- glass fiber optic adapter sensors Solid, solid, reliable

18 / FMS 30 typical FMS/FSG 30

very strong fiber optic sensor FMS 18

FMS 18

in the optical fiber sensor FMS - 18 4ù Detection of zui small to medium switching distance and range. Due to the higher switching frequency of 1 kHz, the device especially suitable for the safe and rapid detection process with little contact. On the front panel of pluggable bridge, even with the small devices, the output signal can also be reversed. The output of the sensor and two independent, P and N.

FMS 18 / FMS 30 /最为30 - Window

work area: button zui.

800 mm ( Depending on the use of optical fiber)

work scope: photovoltaic zui. 4800 mm ( Depending on the use of optical fiber)

solid metal jacket

fiber standard

the correct variant of each application

typical fiber standard

- light standards Function and details

every task is not alone, need a separate sensor solutions especially in difficult and narrow space, select the appropriate guide plate is very important. We pay special attention to fiber, optical fiber end and sheath of intensive processing. Through this kind of special processing, can achieve a wide range. This means that a high enough light output to detect objects, can be returned and reliable assessment.

- optical standards Window

with the appropriate light sensor and grating combined with long distance

all sorts of sheath material, even in the severe operating conditions

radial or axial light exports, even within the narrow space can easily install

SENSOPART, Mr Zapatero fiber optic sensor

fiber - Focusing optics

the widget detection ideal solution

typical optical focusing optics

fiber used for small objects

especially for small objects detection, can provide special accessories with different fixed focal length or zoom optical element of coaxial optical. Use adjustable focal coaxial optical fiber, which can realize 1. 3 mm to 0. Light spot size of 65 mm. Special optical fiber variants can also be used for hole detection.

fiber focusing optics - Window

flexible plastic optical fiber cable

used in target detection of coaxial fiber optic equipment

adjustable scanning distance and light spot size

fiber optic light

to detect edge control and area

usually fiber optic light

article lamp has different width

in some applications, such as used in the production of thin film, paper, chip or textiles edge thickness and position measurement, control or used for band may be beneficial. For such applications, with special fiber - light casing Converter - the so-called in cross section Used to produce the width of the rectangular band. The lamp with SensoPart offers a variety of design and materials.

light lamp - Article lamp - High window


a few light bandwidth available

the harsh operating conditions of a special version

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