More than 5 million test results are uploaded to the cloud!

by:FOT     2020-07-18
More than 5 million test results are uploaded to the cloud! Thanks to all around the world use our Versiv ™ series products of the contractor, installer and network maintenance personnel - — You help us to achieve the industry an important milestone: more than 5 million test results are uploaded to the LinkWare ™ Live cable certification of cloud services. Continues to improve, — Now users upload the results of more than 300000 per month. LinkWare Live is a software as a service ( SaaS) , can be in any position to provide unparalleled copper and fiber optic certification project visibility. Use your smartphone or any browser equipment real-time tracking multiple projects. Directly to upload and integration of field test results, for you without any obstacle to manage test results. Using the browser conveniently remote create and update the tester on the test set, ensure to complete the test according to the index. When test results do not conform to the upload indicators provide notice, so as to find errors in a timely manner. Download test results directly from LinkWare ™ Live, in LinkWare ™ Live in cable test management software to generate reports quickly. This is fully proved that we have more and more users are using cloud services and networking technology to change the way their company and its employees work and business. LinkWare live online in September 2014, is a worldwide to launch the first cable certification service based on cloud, it inherits the tradition of - — 25 years of innovation, focus on the installation and maintenance professionals in today's interconnected world infrastructure needs. Since then, we have received many customers feedback. You not only help us improve LinkWare Live, more importantly, help solve industry important 'waste time' and 'time loss', or even completely eliminate these problems. Here are some examples: don't need to travel back and forth in job site LinkWare Live 'greatly shortened the waste of time and total mileage, and reduce the loss of vehicles. “C。 J。 Santeford, Washington's office operations manager, PowerCOM. PowerCOM yes client is one of LinkWare Live program test project participants. Don't need to spend a few days or weeks waiting for the test result ', may take a few days will be tester and SD card back to the office to upload the test results. Using LinkWare Live, we can upload real-time test results and in a shorter time to provide customers with test results. ”乔T。 Blanco Jr, Louisiana VI Communications owner. 'In addition to test to improve productivity, we can also use LinkWare Live almost immediately will feedback the test result to the project manager. 'Mark Barber, director, British ITM Communications Limited. Without error 'we have technical staff has made a small mistake when the input cable ID examples, such as the use of short term rather than a period. In order to make the result is accepted, we have to make three colleagues of ID, check test results and modify if necessary. LinkWare Live avoids this kind of trouble. 'Casey Canada, on-site operations manager, E2, called one of the faster growing companies in the structured cabling industry. Need not when the 'frequent flyers', there is no reason to refuse to overseas project 'LinkWare Live let us on all the items to be able to provide customers with professional cable certification, recognition, positioning and fault prevention services, wherever they are. 'Bob Figone, group chief executive, Point 1. Never have tester is lost or misplaced position 'LinkWare Live report test results by reducing tracking test device and download the required time and manpower, increase the productivity of our projects and increase the profit. “C。 J。 Santeford, Washington's office operations manager, PowerCOM. Not satisfied customers 'LinkWare Live help me to build enough trust with customers and make them become repeat customers. Can I use the test installation. My client can verify the number of cable has been installed in the project. So I submit bills 90 points, the client will see 90 test results. Workload confirmation! ”乔T。 Blanco Jr, Louisiana VI Communications owner. You are to create and establish the new business processes and workflow insight, will bring new growth point of efficiency and productivity improvements. That means you to save and earn more money, to increase profits, and this means that your customers will be very satisfied, they will bring you more project. These Numbers and commercial success speaks for itself. You using LinkWare Live to returns and significantly improved the whole staff, projects, and business efficiency and productivity. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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