Mixed wiring matters needing attention

by:FOT     2020-07-13
Mixed wiring matters needing attention in wiring infrastructure, not all media and application are always the same. Therefore, for each link, from the perspective of media types and application to get to know you are testing the content of the is very important. Media mix normally, the client will determine some applications only need to use the super 5 class ( 猫5 e) Or 6 class ( 猫6) Wiring, and other applications require the use of ultra 6 class ( 猫6) Wiring, or they may be aware of the need to upgrade to some but not all links. In 802. 11ac Wi- Fi, for example. As the update Wave 2 wireless access point ( WAP) Available and can provide up to about 7 GB of bandwidth, some people may worry that the longer the CAT 5 e and CAT 6 cable will cause throughput can not reach the standard, so decided to these lines deploy CAT 6 a. Take the example of Ethernet power supply, support for need to use the upcoming 4 Type 3 (to the line 60 w) And Type 4 ( 90 w) 802. 11 bt PoE standard for new equipment advanced power, some CAT 5 e and CAT 6 cable may be too long to effectively support the power level and higher data rate, because the heat generated by the PoE may cause insertion loss and need to shorten the length of the cable. Some upgrade or choose from the start in the deployment of mixed media as a result of the telecom room on the distribution frame including the CAT 5 e and CAT 6 and CAT 6 a various types of cable - — By using modular jack distribution frame to implement in a single distribution frame installed in the various categories of connection. One of the better method is to use the content of testing color coding socket - — The CAT 5 e and CAT 6 and 6 a CAT adopt different colors. Let's take a look at - — When you observe with the obverse side of the distribution frame of mixed media, whatever its categories, look like a socket outlet. But if you know all the blue socket are CAT 6 a and need to support 10 GB, you can set the tester accordingly. There is another choice is to look at the mark in the socket ( When installed in a distribution frame or panel is almost impossible to see) , or to try and crack distribution frame insertion on the back of the cable is usually difficult to read the legend. Now, it seems, colour coding socket seems very good, don't you think? Sometimes mix is more than just media application consciousness, and the application itself. This is why should also be carefully considered plan run on each link of the application. Let's consider a situation in which, before the installation of the CAT 6 link needs to support 2 now. 5 or 5 gbase - T, to support the Wave 2, 802. 11 ac applications. This cannot fully guarantee can be realized, for certification of the application of the link is exactly the only way to know whether it can work normally. Optical fiber before the test, you need to pay attention to not only copper infrastructure. In the same infrastructure, type and application can also be mixed use. With OM3 and OM4 fiber is usually pale green and so on observing distribution frame, almost impossible to distinguish the two kinds of . ( Thankfully, OM5 multimode fiber for lemon green, which makes this new type of , easier to identify which is convenient to you for tester is set accordingly. ) Although the OM3 and OM4 is optimize the 50/125 multimode laser system, may look the same, but compared with OM3 OM4 provide higher bandwidth, so it can transmit more information under the same distance. This means that the application of the same circumstances, to carries on the different tests. OM3 can only support, for example, length of 300 meters of 10 GB, and length of OM4 fiber can support up to 550 meters of 10 GB. So, if you according to 10 GB OM4 test parameters to test for a 400 - metre - long OM3 link, the insertion loss in probably won't pass the test. Plan through 10 gbase - or perhaps some fiber optic link SR4 run 10 GB and other fiber optic link need through gbase - 40 SR4 support 40 GB. Also, obviously, you need to from the perspective of media types and applications of each link to understand is testing content. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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