Miniature fiber optic spectrometer what advantage compared with other spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-08
Micro spectrometer is a kind of using optical principle for material qualitative and quantitative analysis of the composition and content of the miniature nondestructive testing equipment, has small volume, low power consumption, low cost, can live online analysis, the advantages of convenient for secondary development, in agricultural production, food safety, biological medicine, petrochemical industry, aerospace and defence and security, and many other areas for a wide range of applications. New OceanHDX will become an integral part of in your solution.

海洋HDX - Miniature fiber optic spectrometer with relative to the size of the spectrometer, has low stray light, high light, high heat stability and other advantages, at the same time carry onboard processing module, Ethernet, SPI and WiFi communication mode of X-ray Electronic platform, better play to the advantages of its small volume, big as, is the industrial field, systems integration, application and research of ideal choice.

laser measuring demonstration device can be tested to the laser using modularized spectrometer at different wavelengths, 200 - 1100 nm range can reach nanoscale optical resolution performance, in 800 - 2500 nm range can achieve high resolution, has faster response speed and can start in the laser incident synchronized trigger collection function, can measure low power excitation light source power after calibration.

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