Miniature fiber optic spectrometer technology adopted the current mainstream of the micro spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-28
Micro fiber spectrometer is a complicated composition of light is decomposed into spectral lines of scientific instruments, by a prism or a diffraction grating, etc, using the reflected light spectrometer to measure the object surface. Part of the sun's QiSeGuang is visible to the naked eye can ( Visible light) The sun, but if by spectrometer decomposition, according to the wavelength range, constitute only a small range of spectra in the visible light, the rest are visible to the naked eye cannot distinguish spectrum, such as microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, etc. Through the optical information capture, photographic plate imaging spectrometer, or computerized automatic display numerical instrument display and analysis, so as to what kind of elements contained in the detected items. This technique is widely used in air pollution, water pollution, food hygiene, industrial metals, such as the detection. 1, the new filter technology of micro fiber spectrometer acousto-optic tunable filter ( AOTF) Is a miniature narrow-band adjustable optical filter, is a development direction of the spectrometer miniaturization, it applying in a crystal by changing the frequency of the radio frequency to change the wavelength of light through the filter, and available through AOTF light intensity change of rf power which can adjust the precision and fast. Its high resolution, the current can reach 0. 0125 nm, no moving parts, wavelength adjust speed, high flexibility. 2, miniature fiber spectrometer based on fiber optic equipment fiber optic equipment sensor has high transmission information capacity, can reflect the diverse composition of multi-dimensional information at the same time, and through the wavelength, phase and attenuation distribution, polarization and intensity modulation, time-resolved and collect the instantaneous information to distinguish, true multi-channel spectral analysis and the design of compound sensor array, achieve complex mixture of specific analysis of object detection, this is electricity sensor and sensor. The probe of the fiber diameter can be small to their transmission wavelength belong to the same order of magnitude, such a small fiber optic equipment probe can be directly inserted into the the little space of a whole space and can't sampling ( Such as living tissue, blood vessels and cells) For continuous detection of analytes. 3, the integration of the micro spectrometer using MEMS and MOEMS processing technology can also make the micro spectrometer. Using the micro mechanical processing method directly on the CCD image device making diffraction grating structure integrated micro spectrometer, diffraction efficiency can reach 63%, the spectrometer system dispersion rate of 1. 7 mm/like yuan, a resolution of 74. 4.
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