Miniature fiber optic spectrometer resolution and the relationship between the spectral system instrument

by:FOT     2020-07-09
Micro fiber spectrometer is a kind of used to detect the electromagnetic spectrum of optical characteristics of the specific area of the instrument. It collects the light, then the spectral dispersion, zui will light signal reconstruction after like into a series of monochromatic image, thus carries on the test.

miniature fiber optic spectrometer depends mainly on the resolution of spectral instrument system performance. For dispersion type instrument, its resolution depends on the band spectral slit after clipping precision, the smaller the slit of intercepting band is narrow, the higher the resolution. Fell sharply, but followed by energy, decrease of sensitivity to both detection sensitivity, will not be able to make unlimited narrow slit to improve resolution, therefore, to make the dispersion type instrument resolution reached 0. 1cm- 1, and can get a good quality of spectra is a very difficult thing to do. For the near infrared spectrometer, since there are many road through the characteristics of no limit of the slit, therefore the resolution of the instrument only depends on how much interference of sampled data points, namely for certain wavelengths of light beam, the resolution of the instrument is only associated with the moving distance of interferometer moving mirror. In order to get high resolution, will make the moving mirror mobile larger distance, and the moving distance, the greater the interferometer is made the more difficult. Therefore, be about to change the design of the spectrometer, the use of shorter moving to get larger optical path difference. Share the fine, the more band, spectral resolution is high, the present technology can achieve 5 ~ 6 nm ( Nm) Level, more than 400 bands. Improve the automatic segmentation spectrum can distinguish and the ability to identify the target properties and composition. Spectral range of sensors, and generally narrow spectral range and the corresponding high spectral resolution. For example: can distinguish the infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple uv sensor spectral resolution than can only distinguish the sensor of red, green and blue spectral resolution is high. In general, the more number of band sensor band width is narrow, the easier information separation and identification of the ground object, the more targeted.
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