Miniature fiber optic spectrometer models: CPFMF - 10

by:FOT     2020-06-20

the micro fiber spectrometer models: CPFMF - Article number 10: ZH6288, product introduction: USES the fiber optic equipment transmission, 2048 pixel CCD array detector, high detection sensitivity. Pressure gauge the needle lifter millisecond to achieve full spectrum multiple scanning, fast analysis speed. Solid-state integrated optical design, no mechanical moving parts, resistance to vibration, anti-interference. Are connected to the computer with USB interface, plug and play, no external power supply. Fly ash sampler modular design, can choose and buy all kinds of accessories, configuration is used for absorption, reflection and emission spectrum analysis system. Small volume, light weight, easy to carry and suitable for field operation. Second, the main technical indicators wavelength range: 360-800 - nm optical resolution: 1 nm wavelength accuracy: & plusmn; 2 nm dynamic range: 2500:1 wavelength repeatability: & lt; 1 nm measurement methods: single wavelength, full spectrum and dynamic measuring accuracy of transmittance: & plusmn; 1. 5% appearance size: 70 & times; 53 × 32 mm3 transmission percentage resilience: & lt; Stray light: 1% weight: 170 g & lt; 1%的www。 centrwin。 com

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