Miniature fiber optic spectrometer can be used to detect exhaust gas ultra low emissions

by:FOT     2020-11-25
Atmospheric pollution in our country, cause extensive attention from all walks of life, the related policy are introduced. Coal-fired power plants or boiler is heavy polluters, natural focus by the state environmental protection policy. On September 12, 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission, the state environmental protection agency, the National Energy Administration joint mandate & other; About print and distribute the transformation and upgrading of coal and electricity energy conservation and emissions reduction action plan ( 2014 - 2020) 'Throughout the notice &; Asked, steadily push forward east 300000 mw and above in active service public coal-fired power generating units and the conditional below 300000 mw utility coal-fired power generating units to implement air pollutant concentration reaches the gas turbine unit emission limits of environmental protection. Coal-fired power generating units of atmospheric pollutants concentration reached gas turbine unit emission limit value ( Under the condition of 6% oxygen content, smog, concentration of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions were not more than 10, 35, 50 mg/cubic meter.

to achieve the emission standards, a large number of enterprise of waste gas treatment equipment modification, the corresponding monitoring equipment to upgrade. Existing engineering experience and laboratory repeated tests show that due to moisture, low concentration gas composition cross interference, linear multiple factors, such as instrument based on single point detector non-dispersed infrared analytical instrument is zero and range is elegant, poor environmental adaptability to problems, especially in below 50 mg/cubic meter of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, appear large deviation measurement precision, is much less than the difference absorption spectrum analysis technology based on the uv-vis spectra ( DOAS) And reliable.

the differential absorption spectrum method ( 差分光学吸收光谱,研究 Zui early put forward by the German institute for environmental physics at the university of Heidelberg Platt, its basic principle is to use narrow band absorption characteristics of the gas molecules in the air to identify gas composition, and according to the narrow band absorption strength to push the performance of trace gas concentration. DOAS can be used in the city, underground passage, industrial mining area of the harmful gas monitoring. The method principle and the advantages of simple structure and high response speed and precision. Is particularly important, the technology by filtering method, which can effectively eliminate the effects of particulate matter and water vapor to measure this is very helpful for the flue gas emission monitoring. Many institutions at home and abroad was carried out based on the DOAS technique of ultra-low emissions monitoring equipment development. DOAS technology hardware core is the uv-vis spectrometer, Marine products in the field of optical spectrometer has a large number of application cases, up to now, institute of physics, university of Heidelberg, Germany environment is still in the extensive use of Marine optical spectrometer USB series, used in the troposphere halogen content, volcanic emissions, polar atmospheric chemistry and research in the field of industrial emissions, etc. At home, many well-known enterprises are also actively into the field, and obtain good effect.

flue gas detection based on spectral performance requirements for spectrometer is higher, ocean optics USB2000 + spectrometer is popular in industry, it has to do with the spectrometer cost-effective advantage is inseparable. By a powerful USB2000 + 2 - MHz module ( A / D) Converter, programmable module, a 2048 megapixel CCD array detector and a high-speed USB2. 0 interface. It is not only our current ratio of spectrometer, more up to 0. The resolution of the 35 nm ( FWHM) 。 When USB2000 + spectrometer through USB2. 0 interface connected to the computer, the user can every millisecond intercepting and storing a full spectrum of images to memory ( The 1000 spectral image per second) 。 This popular spectrometer can be personalized configuration, strong flexibility, and the occupied space is small, can accomplish various kinds of measurement. Users can of spectrometer in a variety of accessories and sample in the attachment to choose, to build its own spectrum measurement system. Below for USB2000 + the pictures.

in summary, the main advantage of the spectrometer includes: -

module - - - - - - Covering 200 - 1100 nm range, with light, color and easy to connect - melamine and other accessories - - - - - - Very suitable for embedded in OEM equipment in portable & ndash; Can be used in the field compatible & ndash; Trigger function can synchronize the spectrometer and other devices based on the detection of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, ocean optics miniature fiber optic spectrometer with zero and span drift is small, strong anti-jamming capability, high measurement accuracy, etc. Combined with powerful software secondary development ability, the ocean optics can provide a high level of integration, stability, good core function modules and technical services, and for users provide powerful help with monitoring demand, boost China's pollution cause.
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