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by:FOT     2020-06-23

the advantage of thermometer:

insulation performance is good

the working medium is quartz , thermometer insulation performance is far higher than that of thermocouple, heat resistance, insulation with natural.

resistance to electromagnetic interference

thermometer has a strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference, in hundreds of kv high voltage and large current environment, can still work, has the irreplaceable advantages, suitable for high voltage equipment in the power system operating temperature of non-contact real-time on-line monitoring, such as generator, transformer, switchgear, etc. Microwave adaptability

light signal transmission, not affected by factors such as microwave, radio frequency, strong anti-jamming capability, suitable for food industry, material of chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry in areas such as microwave drying temperature monitoring. Optical fiber probe can fit into a microwave oven, direct measurement items in the process of microwave heating temperature. Explosion protection safety

fiber probe without electricity or electrical signals, in any case, Including from external damage, fracture, lightning) , will not have leakage, short circuit, electric spark, such as situation, has a very high security. Applicable to petrochemical inflammable and explosive temperature monitoring, in the field of explosion-proof isolation. Accurate

compared with infrared temperature measurement, thermometer has the following advantages:

1. Infrared temperature measurement can only measure the object surface temperature and internal temperature of the sealing device (can't be measured Such as transformer internal) , the thermometer you can probe into the internal measurement equipment.

2。 Infrared temperature measurement is a non-contact measurement, the surface reflection and ambient light interference, (great error in the measurement of a smooth surface of the object Such as metals, ceramics, glass) 。 This thermometer USES, contact measurement is not affected by these factors, temperature measurement is accurate and reliable.

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