Macro implementation of quantum state superposition of half a meter new record

by:FOT     2020-07-15
Macro implementation of quantum state superposition of half a metre record

macro implementation of quantum state superposition of half a meter new record 

a group of researchers at Stanford university work has expanded quantum superposition of records in the macro level, from 1 to 54 cm.

in the findings, published in the journal Nature Nature of the paper, the research team described their ongoing research, the results of the study, also discuss the discovery, they could mean researchers hope to find the superposition between the cut-off point, because it than those who only in the presence of experimental quantum level is suitable for large objects. Also published in the journal nature, the team to complete the work of editorial, describes their experiments and summarizes their experimental results.

in the past few years has been underway for many to get a better understanding of the special phenomenon of quantum learning as the goal of the experiment, and has set up a lot of east, scientists for entangled quantum particles and even atomic research has had a lot of news. But, as the scientists understand how in the distance is more and more big quantum entanglement, question becomes the target of the entanglement can be used for on the size of the object. Schrodinger's cat is in the field of theory and application has a number of such discussions, want to seek to understand, the cat actually may result in the same time in two places.

in the new work, at Stanford university research team may have made progress of success, they have expanded the assumption of record from merely a cm to just more than half a meter.

them by creating by 10000 rubidium atoms ( In a super freezer) Composed of bose - Einstein condensation cloud to complete the study, all the atoms in the initial state. Then, the researchers used a laser to cloud chamber to 10 meters high, this also caused the atoms into one or the other of a given state.

when the clouds reached the top of the chamber, the researchers point out that the wave function is given a mixture of half of the state of the state and the position of the representative is 54 cm. When cloud down to the bottom of the chamber, the researchers confirmed that the atom seems has fallen, from two different heights, which proves that the cloud is to keep the state of the overlay.

the team admitted that although their experiment achieved a quantum superposition on a large scale to a new record, but it is still done with a single atom, therefore, if use macro to overlay, the size of the object is still not clear whether feasible.

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