Machine vision applications of optical fiber end surface defect detection

by:FOT     2020-06-30

fiber is short for , therefore, communication is a kind of obvious rely on fiber optic signal transmission way of communication. Zui in communication is now in the information age is one of the main way of communication, it has light weight, small disturbance, large amount of signal and transmission distance, strong adaptability, high safety and long service life, and many other performance advantages, can well meet the needs of a large number of high-speed data transmission and processing, in industrial production, traffic monitoring, global communications, and many other fields have a wide range of applications.

communication in light wave as the carrier, based on transmission medium, has realized rapid and accurate transmission of information. fiber optic equipment communication system is mainly composed of , light source, photoelectric receiver and a few parts, each of these components play an important role in the process of communication. At the same time, the connector as the connection part of fiber optic signal transmission, but also essential for communication can realize information transfer components, its performance directly affects the operation of the communication, and end face of the complete, cleanliness has a decisive influence on the performance of the connector.

in the production and use of , is likely to be in the polishing process or in the process of online business operations such as fiber pull out cause fiber end face appear scratches, cracks and other * injury, are also likely to be in the usual use of edges, flange metal and fiber optic cap, other dirty fiber end face, the particles in the air, and not wash hand contacts such as dirt, grease, etc all kinds of temporary pollution. These damage or pollution can make the performance of communication, shorten the service life, and even directly lead to can not run normally, so the real-time and accurate detection of end face defect is one of the necessary means of the communication and stable operation.

machine vision is a in degrees, stability, security and speed are obviously better than that of artificial detection imaging technology, using machine vision technology can quickly detect the location of the end face defects and its size, good to meet the requirements of the end face defect detection, zui much guarantee stable communication. Optical fiber end face defect machine vision detection system is composed of industrial camera detection device and PC system, testing, industrial phase opportunity quickly collecting connector related image information and real-time transmission to the PC in the system, after a series of image processing will end zui imaging compared with software preset standard index, and then judge the defects of the end face.

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